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New AD for Expansion

Hello everyone. Unfortunately earlier today we saw the resignation of one of our Expansion ADs, Rales. He was a great help to the department and the community and we thank him for his service to the clan. Like any well-handled department however, there is always someone trained and able to step up when another steps down. This was certainly the case here. So without much more to do, welcome back to our new AD for Expansion: [zG] Ryeezyyy.

Changes to "Missing in Action"

Hello everyone. Today I'm announcing a small change in our "Missing in Action" account type.

As all of you should know, up to this point if you were inactive (meaning, did not login to the forum) for 30 days, you were considered "Missing in Action", or basically, inactive. You did not appear on the roster and did not count towards active members. If you remained 'Missing in Action" or MIA for 30 additional days your account would be purged (deleted). We felt this was a bit much, and was allowing too many to scrape by without truly being involved in the community, creating an inflated sense of how healthy divisions actually were, and clouding our ability to gauge their progress accurately. To fix this, we have made the following change to "Missing in Action" status.

Director of Operations

After the resignation of the previous Director of Operations, I was skeptical of whether or not the department should continue. With current talks about its future happening along with a all to realistic possibility to assign the work across the administrators, it made me seriously consider closing it. The only thing that might have convinced me was someone willing to do more, go beyond, and help find a place for it. Again, you can imagine my skepticism that such a person existed. But as you might guess, an application came in, one might call it expected. It was long and detailed, and a further interview convinced many if not all the rest of administration. Well, I know when the wind is in someone's sails, so what the hell. I figured he should get a shot before I make any decision like closing it down. So, grats to [zG]lollercoaster

Department Split

Hello everyone! Several days ago we announced a split in Development back into two separate yet equal department, the Department of Expansion and the Department of Leadership. We quickly began work on setting things in motion. Although we lost the would-be Director of Expansion, it currently has two solid Assistant Directors and an excellent Coordinator. We are currently open to take on additional Expansion Coordinators (see Sillywinkles' thread on the role).

Today we make the split with the addition of another Assistant Director of Leadership. Not all of you will remember this name, but his leadership skills were well known in his day. It was his hard work along with Lili who helped forge League of Legends EUW division. He served as the first Division Leader of the division, and was one of the first people to go through the expansion process when it was implemented. His history, leadership ability, and solid attitude make him a quality candidate to help leadership going forward. Help us welcome our newest leader to the team: [zG]Vysari!