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      by Published on 09-23-2015 12:39 PM

      Hey everyone,

      Hope all is well.

      Wanted to touch base on the Clan Coordinator position, as we are now accepting applications. Ideally, we'd like anywhere from 1-3 new CC's, just depending on what ideas and directions you guys submit.

      So, what exactly is a CC?

      A Clan Coordinator focuses on very specific aspects of the clan; very rarely are two CCs focusing on the same thing. For example, when Cassandra was CC, she focused on media such as banners, interviews, etc. When I was CC, I focused on recruitment - specifically creating a new external recruitment thread that we'll be implementing soon, and cutting down on the application pages to make sure new apps were getting addressed as soon as possible. ...
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      by Published on 09-23-2015 12:38 PM

      Hello all. Today, Wardy resigned after a great span as a Clan Leader. He will be missed, and I am sure still bothered by OCE people all the time. No rest for him. This left a hole in the triumvirate of the CLs. This new leader has been showing his chops, working hard, and showing a passion we need in leadership. So, welcome to our new admin and Clan Leader....

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      by Published on 07-15-2015 04:54 PM

      Hello. We are currently accepting applications for Clan Officer and Clan Coordinator positions. We are looking to promote 0-3 of each position.

      I will be putting the official position descriptions below. Keep in mind, if you are applying for CC, you need to include ideas for what you want to work on in the application. Applications that contain no ideas for work will likely be rejected. Clan Coordinator is a self-directed position, and we expect you to come into the role with at least an idea of what you want to work on, though we will help you out with refining and executing the idea. If you ...
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      by Published on 06-28-2015 09:27 AM

      4PM EDT (GMT -5) (Eastern)
      3PM CDT (GMT -6) (Central)
      1PM PDT (GMT -8) (Pacific)

      9PM UK and some places (GMT)
      10PM rest of EU (GMT +1)

      ...Like 7am Sunday for Australia. (GMT +10)

      It's been a while, so time for another one. Town Halls are: Townhall is a clan-wide meeting where leaders of the clan and the divisions give an update on what has been going on in their respective areas. Afterwards, all attending leaders will be available to answer any potential questions or address ...
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      by Published on 06-18-2015 12:17 PM

      A few days ago I announced that I would be stepping down as the Clan Leader I have been for years and promoting someone new to lead the admin team, someone who had come up from apprentice member to truly put the clan into your hands. I had a shortlist, I admit, and after careful thought and consideration, I am ready to tell you who. I wanted someone who had their own views based on their own experiences, not just in zG but elsewhere. I also needed someone who had worked with me, who understood my views and my vision, someone ...
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