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      by Published on 01-25-2015 07:45 PM

      'ello there.

      So a bit ago we announced the full Ingame Activity System, with point rewards for activity in gamenights and tournaments. People who excel at ingame activity currently get shiny stars on the roster page; I think there should be more.

      You may have noticed some of the admins with new Teamspeak Icons; this is now opened to everyone.

      From now on if you are at Tier 1 (Five stars), you can request any of the currently uploaded Teamspeak Icons to be added to your account. You can only have one though.

      If you are Zealot Tier (5 blue stars), you can get up to two icons, as well as a custom Teamspeak description. ...
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      Hello everyone.

      Over the past year we have seen our numbers slowly decline. While this isn't necessarily a bad thing, as we have made some good changes to expect activity out of our members, it is beginning to take its toll. We seem divisions growing ever smaller and being sent back to Expansion to help them, preventing Expansion from focusing on new games. We see divisions that once had large bases shrink to small, but sustainable, sizes. As the increase in new members slows, so does the potential pool for new leaders and therefore opportunities to lead. While you might think ...
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      We got some nice nominations this month and also our first 4 year old member, Math the oldie. Lets hope for even more nominations next month! ^^[Awards List] [Nominate a User for an Award]

      Quote Originally Posted by Medals List
      Medal of Dedication

      Awarded to non-division staff within divisions who have proven themselves to be extremely dedicated, going beyond what is expected and contributing in a very positive manner toward the development of their division. On the medal is the Andrikan symbol Nkontim, representing
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      Hello everyone.

      Awhile back, you'll remember I announced the new In-Game Activity system. I also stated that some things still needed to be added, and I finally got around to it. Starting today, penalties for going into special account status (MIA or Resigned) will go into effect. These checks are done daily and only occur once after the account is placed into this status. If you go MIA, you will lose 200 points once for being MIA, not every day.

      Every Sunday evening, the system will also check the last time each user received points. ...
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      Official Clan Logo


      Zealot Gaming is a multiplatform gaming community which offers clan-support for a variety of games in various genres. It was started in March of 2011 by two friends, DrMath (James) and Legit (Stan), to be a gaming-centric community focused on a providing friendly atmosphere, a sense of family, and a team passionate for gaming free, of the drama of bloated structures and politics that often comes with it. Zealot Gaming was to be an open community where everyone had a say, where nothing was kept from members. In order to help ensure this cause was realized, we have adopted the following mission statement.

      Mission Statement

      The mission of Zealot Gaming is to provide and continually develop a fun and friendly gaming atmosphere for its members through creating a strong community setup, engaging members through activities and events, and providing more avenues to game with like-minded gamers. We aim to encourage respectful behavior from all members toward each other and non-members alike, and instill the core values of loyalty, integrity, and zeal in all of our members.

      Your Future with Us

      Zealot Gaming is growing daily, and with over two years of experience under its belt and many active members it promises to continue to grow. The clan has by now established itself as a home for gamers who will be loyal to its values and seek to embody them in their gaming experiences. The close bonds formed by our members speak for themselves, and speak to the quality and character of the community that has established itself here. The only question to ask yourself is will you become a part of its history?

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