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    Exclamation Custom game modes list and rules

    Murderbridge (Often reffered as Aram as well)


    Map: Proving Grounds
    Game type: All Random
    Goal: Destroy the enemy Nexus


    There aren't any rules.

    Aram(All random,All mid)


    Map: Summoners Rift
    Game type: All Random
    Goal: Destroy the enemy Nexus


    1. Everytime you spawn, you go on the midlane, you are not allowed to leave it until you die.
    2. Healing at spawn is never allowed, unless your mid inhibitor is down, then you may heal at spawn.
    3. Mejai's, Sword of the occult or Leviathan are not allowed.
    4. The summoner spells Teleport and Revive are not allowed.
    5. Guardians Angel is not allowed.
    6. You are not to allowed to attack the enemies' sidelane turrets/inhibitors. Defending your own inhibitors is allowed, once then the inhibitor turret is down.
    7. No side laning/bushes/jungle.


    Aram boundaries.png

    Arab(All random,all bot)


    Map: The Crystal Scar
    Game type: All Random
    Goal: Destroy the enemy crystal


    1. Summoner spell Revive is banned
    2. Item Guardian Angel is banned
    3. Players may not return to their base in any way, unless the enemy team controls both bottom towers (this includes running up the ramp)
    4. Players may not move farther north than the center 'Speed Relic'
    5. Players CAN pick up health packs, but may NOT use any of the 'Speed Relics' or 'Center Buffs'


    Arab boundaries.png

    Catch the Teemo


    Map: Summoners Rift
    Game type: Draft pick
    The attacking team attempts to kill the Teemo on the defending team while the defending deam tries to protect him.


    1. The defending team (blue/left side) must pick teemo.
    2. Teemo may not stealth at any point.
    3. No xp other than from champion kills. (cannot kill jungle creeps, stand close enough to a lane to get xp, etc)
    4. You can only cross between both jungles by going through middle lane, but you may not stick around to get xp off of minions. Don't intentionally cross the lane exactly when minions are low on hp. But if the enemy team is chasing you, you can go whenever you want as long as you stay within the boundaries.
    5. Only one Clairvoyance per team.
    6. Teemo is not allowed to leave the jungle/river at any point, other than running through mid lane to other side of jungle.
    7. Games are played in ten minute rounds or until the attacking team won by killing the defending team's Teemo twice. If Teemo has not died twice within the 10 minute period, the defending team is declared the winner of the round.
    8. Once a team has reached the win condition, the losing team must forfeit immediately to end the game.
    9. The first team to win three rounds, wins the game.

    Playing field

    Draft race


    Map: Summoners Rift
    Game type: Draft pick
    Goal: The first team to score 10 points, or alternatively, the team with the highest score at the end of 20 minutes wins.


    1. Once the match has begun, each team must designate two champions who are not allowed to attack while inside of their own base.
    2. Summoner spells Cleanse and Teleport are banned.
    3. Guardian Angel, Sword of the Occult, Mejai's Soulstealer, Leviathan, Banshee's Veil and Quicksilver Sash items are banned.
    4. Champions Twisted Fate, Pantheon and Shen may not use their Ultimate to get inside of the enemy team's base.
    5. No running through lanes at any point.
    6. No XP other than from champion kills/minions destroying turrets (cannot kill jungle creeps, stand close enough to a lane to get xp, etc)
    7. Once a team has reached the win condition, the losing team must forfeit immediately to end the game.
    8. A point is earned when someone dies from the enemy fountain laser.

    Protect the queen/King


    Map: Summoners Rift
    Game type: Draft pick
    At champion selection, each team selects one female champion to be designated as their “Queen.” Throughout the course of the game, both teams will attempt to kill the other team’s Queen. The first team to have their Queen die seven times loses and must surrender.


    Playing Field

    The playing field is limited is half of the jungle area of Summoners Rift. The team that picks second in Champion selection decides whether the game will use Baron’s side of the jungle, or Dragon’s. Once the playing field has been decided, all fighting must occur within the playing field. If at any time the Queen retreats outside of the playing field, she must immediately suicide to the enemy team and it shall be counted as a point.

    General Rules

    1. Players are to avoid going within exp range of enemy minions at all times. If minions threaten to take down any Tower, players may use the Fortify Spell, if they have it. Otherwise they must let the Tower fall.
    2. The Teleport summoner spell is not allowed.
    3. The Blue Golem and Red Lizard as well as their helpers in the designated playing field may be killed by either team, but all other neutral monsters are to remain unharmed.
    4. Once a Queen is slain, both teams may retreat out of the playing field. Players may chase enemy players as long as they remain in the playing field, but may not chase them once they have exited.
    5. Once a Queen is slain, players not already in the enemy jungle (the jungle on the opposite side of the river) may not enter the enemy jungle until both teams have 5 players in their respective jungles.
    6. Once a Queen is slain and all combat has stopped, both teams are to return to their respective jungles.
    7. Queens start the next round by signalling that their team is in their jungle. When both Queens have given their "Go", the round starts.

    Queen-specific Rules

    1. Upon death, the Queen is to return to the playing immediately and call out to the enemy team when she is back in play.
    2. The Queen may not buy any other items than Oracle Elixirs at any time during the match.
    3. The Queen must run the Clairvoyance and Surge summoning spells.

    Underling-specific Rules
    1. Underlings may only return to the fountain to heal (only when you are allowed to leave the jungle e.g. when a queen is slain) but they can only shop after dying.
    2. Underlings may purchase any items except for: Mejai's Soulstealer, Leviathan, and Sword of the Occult.
    3. Underlings may not take the Clairvoyance summoner spell.
    4. As long as neither Queen has died, underlings may reenter the playing field immediately after respawning. If either Queen has died, they should wait until the reset (after all combat has stopped).
    5. If an Underling is executed (slain by a minion, turret, or neutral) they must remain at the fountain until at least one Queen is slain.

    Once a team has reached the win condition, the losing team must forfeit immediately to end the game.

    Playing field

    Protect The Queen Playing Field.jpg

    Sheep and Wolf(Goats and foxes)


    Map: Summoners Rift
    Game type: Draft pick
    Goal:The wolf must gain 24 kills in 20 minutes. The sheep must stay alive for 20 minutes. Basically the aim of the game is, depending on your role, kill, or survive.


    1. At the start of the game, 1 team of sheep must go to mid and the other team of sheep goes top lane (depending on which wolf starting where) and die to the wolf once. These kills do not count towards the wolfs overall score.
    2. Wolves may farm any jungle creeps from across the map. Sheep on the other hand, may not kill anything.
    3. Sheep may not buy wards until the wolf has 14 kills. The wolf may buy wards from the beginning.
    4. Sheep may NOT teleport back to base. The only time they may buy items is when they die. Upon respawn, they must immediately return to their playing field.
    5. Sheep may not level up or gain XP. They each can select only one skill to use through-out the game.
    6. Sheep may not use a character with a skill that allows them to jump over walls. Flash is allowed, however.
    7. Stealthing during the game is strictly forbidden, so no Eve or Teemo. Champions with stealth abilities are not allowed to use them at any times. (including shaco, twitch, rengar, vayne)
    8. Once a team has reached the win condition, the losing team must forfeit immediately to end the game.

    Playing field

    Protect The Queen Playing Field.jpg

    Hunter vs Hunted

    Map: Crystal Scar
    Game type: Draft recommended, other modes as desired.
    Goal: Teams take turns hunting each other. Hunted team can't go B but can fight back. When all the Hunted team dies, roles reverse.
    Hunted team controls Top Point for scoring. Game ends when a team reaches 0 capture (natural game's end).

    1. Blue team (Left) starts as Hunters, Purple Team (Right) starts as Hunted. The Hunters must remain in base* until the Hunted capture the Top Point. At that point, the Hunters are released. The Hunted must proceed to the top point immediately without delaying to purchase items with additional gold earned.
    *Base is defined as the circle area on top of the nexus. Players who wander into the stairs are considered outside of the base.

    2. The Hunters' job is to kill all of the Hunted. The Hunted cannot go back to base until they die and once they die they must remain in base and not use any skills that affect the game until the rest of their team is dead. The Hunters may go back and respawn as much as they like.

    3. Once all of the Hunted are dead, they must remain in base until the Hunters capture the Top Point. Once the Hunters capture that point they then become the Hunted and can no longer go back to base for any reason. Once capture of the top point begins it must be completed in one shot without pausing at the Neutral point. Afterwards anyone involved in its capture may go back immediately to purchase items and then return quickly to the field.

    4. If the hunters accidentally captures the spawn point while one or more of the hunted are still alive then they must all return to base immediately and allow the hunted to recapture the capture point. Once it is captured they may return to play.

    Victory Conditions:
    Game continues until a team's nexus is destroyed due to natural causes.

    All Items are available exept twinshadows. Eve, Twisted Fate, Panteon and Teemo are permanently banned and cannot be taken ever, even without being chosen as one of the bans. Clairvoyance and Garrison are banned from selection.

    Theme Battles


    Map: Any
    Game type: Blind pick
    Goal: Destroy the enemy nexus/crystal

    Theme battles are regular matches with the only difference being the fact that players pick champions who are similar to each other or are a part of a faction.
    Below are listed some of these ''theme teams''


    Jarvan IV
    Xin Zhao


    Dr. Mundo
    Le Blanc




    Lee sin
    Master Yi


    (Nightblade Irelia)
    (Ninja rammus)



    Fire champions



    Jarvan IV
    Lee sin
    Master Yi
    Miss Fortune
    Xin Zhao



    All AD Carry Murderbridge

    Map: ARAM
    Mode: Blind pick

    1. Only items that give offensive stats from the category of Attack (Boots exluded, -> Rule 4)a) These items are not allowed to have defensive stats (: Armor, Health, Magic Resist and Health Regen)

    2. Only ranged champions officially listed as 'Carry' allowed (list below)
    3. Consumables are allowed
    4. All boots except Ninja Tabi and Mercury Threads are allowed.
    5. If the final item is allowed, then ANYTHING that is built into it is allowed to be bought standalone.
    6. No Doran's items, no elixir of fortitude etc. they all give defensive stats.

    List of allowed champions (Ranged ADC's only)
    - Ashe
    - Caitlyn
    - Corki
    - Draven
    - Ezreal
    - Graves
    - Kog'Maw
    - Miss Fortune
    - Sivir
    - Tristana
    - Twitch
    - Varus
    - Vayne
    No Tungii's allowed
    Updated rule 2, only ranged champions officially listed as 'Carry' allowed.

    Please come to us with any suggestions, discussions ^^ We are open to any changes especially when it comes to being unbalanced, we already tried to make this as balanced as possible. If anyone thinks of any rules we should add please tell!

    All Ranged Murderbridge

    Map: ARAM
    Mode: Blind pick

    1. Only items that give offensive stats from the category of Attack (Boots not included)a) These items are not allowed to have defensive stats (: Armor, Health, Magic Resist and Health Regen)
    b) These items are not allowed to have any Ability Power and Magic Pen
    2. Only ranged champions that are not listed as ADC in the list above
    3. All boots except Ninja Tabi and Mercury Threads are allowed.
    4. All items that eventually build into something containing Attack Damage stats are allowed, only if they do not break any of the previous rules.
    5. No Doran's items, no elixir of fortitude etc. they all give defensive stats.

    List of allowed champions (Ranged only)
    - Ahri
    - Anivia
    - Annie
    - Brand
    - Cassiopeia
    - Fiddlesticks
    - Heimerdinger
    - Janna
    - Karma
    - Karthus
    - Kennen
    - Leblanc
    - Lissanda
    - Lulu
    - Lux
    - Morgana
    - Nami
    - Orianna
    - Ryze
    - Sona
    - Soraka
    - Swain
    - Syndra
    - Teemo
    - Twisted Fate
    - Urgot
    - Veigar
    - Viktor
    - Vladimir
    - Xerath
    - Ziggs
    - Zilean
    - Zyra

    Nidalee, Elise, Jayce and Quinn is banned because they have a melee form

    (All Random All Zeals)

    <It is played on Howling Abiss>
    <Game mode All Random>

    <Summoner Spells : Ghost, Heal>
    <Items : Mobility boots, Zeals(only)(Pots are allowed)>
    <After you complete mobility boots and 5 zeals you are allowed to advance to the next phase which is upgrading zeals into PD's>
    <Have Fun :D>

    If you have any idea for a different custom game mode or a theme team let us know!

    [zG] Phoenix
    [zG] DanDK

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