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    exhaust vs ignite

    so i have been recently playing on the top lane, its rare that i see someone go flash exhaust since it is very good combo, so tell me guys, what spell would you take on top lane?, exhaust or ignite?, (can't be both)

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    depends. If you're against fiora i'd take exhaust over ignite since the regen is only over time. I usually take exhaust since it helps late game too.

    If you play someone who naturally deals time over damage like darius then i'd pick ignite to enhance that damage over time.

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    + you should have ghost not flash.
    Flash is for baddies.
    TOp lane of corse.

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    Teleport should be almost mandatory for top lanes for dragon control. After that though I think the summoner is champ dependent. No escape champs go flash, facing a heavy regen champ go ignite, or think you are stronger but have issues staying on target with a melee go exhaust.

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    Depends on which champ you're playing and the matchups and the lane. For example, ignite is required against any sort of heavy healer, while exhaust is better if you're against an auto attacker.

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    ignite and exhaust PFFT. all about the Teleport

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    Depends on your enemy laner or the team composition. Ignite is a decent counter to Mundo/Volibear/AD Sion/and more. But yeah I don't exhaust too often because most people that go top lane dont use autoattacks. Addionally it really depends on your champion as well. If you have no DOT effects and/or no CC, then you should be careful when choosing.

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    ignite definitely

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    sorry i take both

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    Depends on who you're playing AND the matchup.
    Like, common-sense wise, you wouldn't take exhaust on kennen against a vlad... i mean, thats just off in every way.

    Usually, i tend to take ignite on kennen, vlad, and chogath regardless of matchup because exhaust doesnt usually fend off as well with AP champs than it does with AD champs. But if i'm playing Riven against an Udyr or Irelia top, i'm definitely taking exhaust over ignite. If i'm against a warwick or mundo at top, ignite. No ands ifs or buts. The regen is just too strong to handle, and ignite is a MUST. IMO, ignite is a safer pick- exhaust is a matchup-based pick.

    tl;dr They're BOTH versatile; there is no specific answer as to which one is universally better. It's all dependent on matchup.

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