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The System

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We live in a strange world. A world with big diffrences between continents, country's and even within every city and town. Every person on this earth lives life in a diffrent way. But when it all comes down to the diffrence between people itself, neglecting all cultural, envirionmental and age factors we're all alike. Ofcourse most of us don't look alike, and ofcourse there are little diffrences between everyone. But for 99,9% we're all the same. It's crazy to see how diffrent everyone in this world lives. Everyone is doing something to facilitate the microenvirionment around himself. Either as a high end businessman trying to keep the company and the economy going or a african farmer trying to provide food for his village. They're all in service of the people around them. Everyone is part of the system, the system that provides all needs for the people in that system. Systems can be as basic as the food and water gathering in an african village to as advances as the american economy. This system seems so natural to people, but do we even have a choice ?


In the western world every single persons life will generally consist of Elementary school--> High School-->Specific Schooling-->Work-->retirement. We spent over 60 years of our life learning and working, all in sake of the system. The system is set up in a very clever way. You need to participate to get money which you need to buy primary needs like food and water. Ofcourse some governments give you some money if you cant work, but that's just something to not let things run outof hand. The general thought is that you have to work for the system to survive. Not many people will look at life this way, how could they. Everyone is raised with this system, so it's a normal thing. Why would we question something that's considered "normal"? However if we do start thinking about it you realise how much time of our lives we spent on doing things to just fulfill our primary needs and the needs of the system. Or in other words how many time we spent in our lives not doing thing we want. An average adult only has about 40 hours of  spare time each week with most of that time being in the weekends. In these 40 hours we get the chance to do what we want to try and forget the downside of working in the system and actually trying to make our inner selves happy. Ofcourse there are a number of people who get genuinly happy by their work but that's certainly not the case with the majority of individuals. In the end doing what you like to do makes you happy to not become a depressed peon of the system. This means we have to use our little amount of spare time and try to take it to the next level. To create times where we as a person can be genuinly happy about where we are and what we are doing at that point in time. And in that way enhancing our lives to a point where we are happy with it even though we spent most of our time supplying the system.


So how do we realise all of this? Well, that's like the saying "You make your own luck" descibes mostly up to yourself. Only you know what you really want, that one thing you've always dreamed of, that one thing you really desire. Ofcourse there are many dreams which end up being unfulfulled because of lack of money, materials or just the general ability for mankind to do such things. This is where the system comes back into the picture. Almost everything on earth has a value and can be bought for the right price. However obtaining enough money is the thing that's most difficult. In the western world the educational system has a variety of educational levels. The higher you are on the educational ladder the more money you will generally earn. This money can then be used to build towards your dreams. 


Every single person has diffrent life goals and dreams, some simple, some more complex. We all want to achieve these life goals at some point in our lives but unfortunately many of us have to let go of these goals because they're not achieveable within our live setting. Although earning a large amount of money doesnt make you a happy person on it's own it does help you build towards your dreams. And that's certainly something to be happy about. Try to the most outof your life, you will have to work hard to achieve your life goals but if you really want to with the right tools and supplies you can make it happen. The trick is to see that although the educational system isn't something you're looking forward to, it is the stepping stone to the variety of posibility's you have  to design your own life and hapiness.

The Personality Paradigm

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The internet has opened many doors for people all over the world. An easy way to connect with other people far away, an online library for anyone to use without even leaving the comfort of your own home and many more. 

A Very Gearsy Day

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Alright. So I just typed 5 paragraphs that got deleted by troll browser... :x Time to retype T.T

So this morning I woke up around 9 after staying up till 4 am doing literally nothing. This being true I woke up with a killer headache, throat ache, and basically felling terrible. So I wandered around in my bathrobe for a bit(Like a bawss) and layed on the couch and checked forums, facebook, and some other junk. Got up and decided it was feast time! I looked through the pantry and fridge for atleast 20 minutes. Decided that I was to feast upon a very healthy breakfast. Captn' Crunch. 1 bowl with a side of cran pomergranate juice. Took some advil. Doses? Eh I just took a few pills and caled it today. With my headache and other symptoms residing and my body sugared up. I was itching to play some gears.

The History of Quaderific

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Hey, all. First of all, I would like to introduce myself to all of those who I haven't have the pleasure of meeting. My name is Quaderific, most people call me Quad. Seeing how this is my first blog that I am releasing, I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. Currently I am 17 years old and I am finishing up my senior year at catholic school in New York. Currently I am looking at colleges and seeing which decision I am going to make. I am looking to go to college for computer science and hopefully land a job in some IT or computer software company. Right now, Zealot Gaming wise, I am working on starting a new section. I personally, even though I enjoy PC gaming a tad more, have been xbox gaming quite often. In the past year I didn't own a personal computer, or even a computer that isn't mac based. So it has really been limiting my ability to PC game. But I have been making the best of it and the huge community built around it, although often annoying, is great for being a pubstar.