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Global Officer for Justice

Fortis est veritas.

Justice thrives on the willingness to act, on the willingness to investigate, and on the ability to communicate, understand, and sympathize with others. In order to be as objectively as possible and to handle the fallout of conflicts between members of Zealot Gaming, the Department of Justice does its very best to ensure that we have at our disposal the truth of matters that are bought to our attention, and that the best decision is made regarding these circumstances. Conflict is a fundamental element of human nature and while we all make mistakes, while we all say things that others might misinterpret, we feel that it is in everyone's best interest to confide in the members of Justice who are impartial in all cases.

To best meet the needs that Justice calls for, it is time for a Global Officer to be added to the picture. As daily schedules begin to conflict with one another, it has become difficult to tend to Justice in a timely and effective manner. I have therefore, finally, chosen a GO to assist me in ensuring that Justice stays true to its cause, and to buy Milky Ways on my behalf when gravity is amplified on me tenfold. With this person's help I know that this Department will continue to perform as best and as quickly as it can to see that all members are treated fairly and with the respect that anyone deserves no matter their differences. [zG]Deatvert

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