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Media Retires

Hello everyone. I am writing this unfortunately to inform you that we will be retiring our Department of Media indefinitely. The reasons are many, but let me outline a few here:

The community has a lot of media talent, that much is evident, but many people do not have the time or motivation to stick to a schedule, even one that gave them over a month to complete things. Schedules and real life are also unpredictable, and time after time Media Officers found themselves in situations where getting to game was difficult, much less getting there work done for Media. The general cycle was becoming "do something in the first week or two due to excitement then disappear". It should not be the role of leadership to act like a mother and hunt people down, but even then officers were disappearing. It had a really good run, and those involved (mainly Mia) turned Media into something it never could have been before her, but it cannot be done by just one person, so now is the time to say goodbye to a Department that started from nothing and has shown some of the amazing talent in the clan.

However, we have an alternative system which will be introduced. A sub-forum in the Media Studio will be created for requests. Anyone can submit a request for whatever (video, signature/avatar, image, interview, review, shoutcasting an event, etc.) and anyone​ in the community will be able to "claim" the job. It will then be the responsibility of the person who made the request to keep up with things and ensure it is completed, and allows everyone in the community with creative talents to try their hand at the project, regardless of if they hold a special rank. We hope this will continue to foster creativity and showcasing member talents in the community, allowing Media to live on in a new way.

Finally, as a part of this change, all Media Officers are removed, and Jeade will no longer be a GO. Mia will be transferring to my GO Operations, and she was already in-process of learning things before we changed from Internal Affairs and split into the recent system. If you have any questions, let me know. This was not an easy choice, and all those involved did everything they could to help it succeed, so we hope we have your understanding and empathy as we make this sad but necessary change.

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