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November 2012 Awards

If anyone hadn't noticed, there were no awards given for October. It was disappointing to see a month where no one really stood out, but luckily we have some well-deserving recipients this month for many awards, especially for recruitment efforts! Let's keep working hard and be sure to nominate those you see who are deserving of these awards! [Awards List] [Nominate a User for an Award]

November 2012 Awards
Award Recipient and Reason


Medal of Distinction
Awarded to those who have shown a strong commitment to the clan, its values, and its members, and have provided extensive honorable service in any way they can.

It is difficult to ignore the extensive amount of time this member put into this clan. From her beginnings starting as a social media junkie, to her climb up and eventual development of Media into a completely stand-alone department, ensuring it lasted as long as it did and facing the challenges of encouraging Media activity in a gaming community and her willingness to adapt the process to ensure members could express themselves, even when it meant closing the Department. On top of this, her constant contact and interaction with members, honesty and integrity when training leaders, and her willingness to jump in and help new games however she could makes her an outstanding member more than deserving of special recognition in Zealot Gaming. Congrats! [zG] Mia


Medal of Guidance
Awarded to members of leadership, including Divisional staff, who have shown devotion to the success of the clan's gaming Divisions and have consistently shown great leadership, guidance, and a positive attitude towards their fellow members and others.

Since her willingness to step up as a Division Officer, this member has done nothing but push for her division to be even better, allowing her competitive nature to drive her endeavors towards increasing activity and recruitment in League of Legends. Her helpful nature with new members gives them a great first impression and aids them in getting involved right away, and her organization and communication with her officers keeps the gears greased and activity moving on. While she might tell you she hates it, I think she secretly loves making things better. Well deserved! [zG]Blabbles


Medal of Skill
Awarded to those who have shown remarkable and notable skill in-game and have remained a positive influence for others.

If you ever get into a game with him you'd be hard pressed to hear anything but great advice and the sound of yourself thanking him for carrying you. Whether its dishing out his helpful tips and theory-crafting on various champions or his experience leveling three account to gold (and possibly helping many others escape the grasp of ELO hell, if it does exist...it does) it is hard to deny his in-game prowess. His rating and talent speak for themselves. Well done mate! [zG]Nomz


Medal of Recruitment
Awarded to those who have shown talent and ingenuity in helping to support the clan's growth. Two tiers awarded based on level of recruitment efforts.

I don't think I can possibly write out an explanation for each of these members. Needless to say, their efforts in recruiting new members is extremely noteworthy. Their efforts range from starting new divisions, resurrecting failing ones, increasing their own healthy member-base, and doing all they can to ensure new members reach full member status. These guys should show you that recruitment isn't difficult, in fact anyone can do it (even if these guys do happen to be officers). Look to them for helpful advice and information on how you can recruit better!

Congratulations, [zG]Blabbles[zG]Abraxes[zG]MaPMoTa[zG]Isaiha[zG]BBrevas[zG]HappyFace


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