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December 2012 Awards

We have a good healthy number of awards for a variety of reasons this month, and it brings me tons of joy to finally have another Member of the Month. As always, remember that you guys can nominate anyone for these awards and we rely on you to let us know who is standing out! Be sure to let us know and congratulations to all of the award winners! [Awards List] [Nominate a User for an Award]

December 2012 Awards
Award Recipient and Reason


Medal of Guidance
Awarded to members of leadership, including Divisional staff, who have shown devotion to the success of the clan's gaming Divisions and have consistently shown great leadership, guidance, and a positive attitude towards their fellow members and others.

This member has been a really great Division Officer for a long time now and it is about time that his efforts be properly recognized. He's always been friendly, active and full of exciting new ideas for the EUW LoL Division. If he is asked to do something on behalf of the Division, then we know we can be 100% sure that he'd try his utmost to fulfill the request. He's been the real driving force for our new Turf Wars event and has been working his damn butt off to make it a success! He's become a very cherished friend of Lili's, and we hope he remains one of the best Division Officers for a long time to come.



Medal of Creativity
Awarded to members who have shown outstanding skill, motivation, and dedication in developing clan media and participation through various means such as social media, videos, graphics, etc.

Even though we saw the closing of the Depart men of Media, that hasn't stopped this member from coming up with creative ideas to encourage activity and creativity in his division. Even before becoming a DO, this user began several projects including a Top 5 Plays and a Play of the day. He has been improving his skills in both video editing and casting, doing the best he can to bring something new and fun for his fellow members to enjoy. We truly hope that he continues this creative work in his current role and continues to make his division known.



Medal of Justice
Awarded to members of the community who conduct themselves in the most fair and impartial manner possible, ensuring justice is carried out equally for every member of the clan.

For as long as we can recall, this member has always been willing to help, trying to find the little things he can do, poking in to add a little this or that to any conversation, and making sure his voice is heard. He truly takes advantage of our open door policy on ideas. Whether it is ensuring that other ideas are recognized for their merits or flaws, or ensuring that things are explained in a way everyone can understand, or even pointing out some things that are wrong here and there, his a great example of what getting involved and being heard is all about. His fairness and balance in approaching matters of Justice add in another piece of his great work, and as the longest serving Justice Officer, he has certainly been a voice of equality for all members of the clan. Congrats!



Medal of Skill
Awarded to those who have shown remarkable and notable skill in-game and have remained a positive influence for others.

In a somewhat shocking twist, this disgustingly messy never-picks-up-after-himself roommate of a certain GA shot himself up from gold to platinum in the last weeks of League's Season 2. While at first you might claim hax, as you rightfully should, I am sad to admit it was completely legitimate. If you want him to carry you to platinum this seasons, don't bother. It seems he used up all his luck and is stuck at gold currently Serves him right! Just kidding. Congrats.



Medal of Engagement
Awarded to those who have shown exception skill, talent, and ability in recruitment efforts far beyond any expectations. Only awarded to those who have already achieved the Medal of Recruitment.

As the only current Recruitment Officer, this member is showing us what its all about, and that with determination and drive you can find a whole new bunch of members to introduce into our community even without being established in a game. His work in Firefall is undeniable, as nearly all of the recruits have been introduce to us through him, and his current work in other games such as Star Wars: The Old Republic is already showing results. He is a great asset to the clan and we couldn't be prouder of his accomplishments!



Medal of Recruitment
Awarded to those who have shown talent and ingenuity in helping to support the clan's growth. Two tiers awarded based on level of recruitment efforts.

Though they may not sign her name into our somewhat picky system for recruiter, this member has been working hard in the EUNE League of Legends Division. Always keeping the doors of her "virtual pub" open in team speak and attempting to organize new members, she is showing that it doesn't take a DO to do work in a division; anyone can do it if they set their mind too it. Keep up your recruitment work!



Member of the Month
Awarded monthly to members of the clan who show true characteristics of a Zealot Gamer. They are passionate, devoted, and enjoy gaming. They have demonstrated remarkable attitude and passion the past month, and are recognized for their work.

Thought still a probie, since joining this member has done all he can to play with and get to know current members, whether it's supporting as Xin Zhao and feeding DrMath into a rage fest or going robo-beast as Blitzcrank, his friendly attitude and demeanor are just what being a member of this community is all about. He is certainly a role model of what new members should be!


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