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Lili of Zealot Gaming

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The bubbly fountain of personallity from our very own EU West division of League of Legends is finally in the spotlight. She is a kind-hearted lady who will also never give a second thought to bringing out her strong iron fist to deal with problem children who ruin her division. She is the queen of the west, the empress of yaoi, and, well you get the picture. Let's learn more about our favorite lady Divison Leader.

NomsOnYordles of Zealot Gaming

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Have you ever wondered what could drive a man to become a...yordle eater, and better yet how said yordle eater could find himself leading the largest division in the clan? Well, satisfy your curiosity and take a seat. Nom your way through this interview with the Division Leader of League of Legends (NA), NomsOnYordles by our very own Jeade.

Shrimstah of Zealot Gaming

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We all know our lovable, trollable, sometimes incomprehensible little asian that could, [zG]Shrimstah, but what makes him tick? Who is the man behind the jibberish, the king behind the infamous video blogs? Read on to discover the real Shrim Shady.

Tibs of Zealot Gaming

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This week the EUNE 1v1 tournament came to an exciting end. Out of the heat of battle one man emerged from the battle as victor. It was tibs91 who vanquished all of his opponents to become the first EUNE 1v1 champion. With a glorious victory comes an interview to brag about your skills. Here we go...

Zies of Zealot Gaming

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In the land of trolls the ninja troll is king, with this adapted quote from Desiderius Erasmus one can describe our next subject of interview. He is the master of trolls even to those who don't know him yet. That's where this interview comes in. In order to end his reign we have to reveal him from the shadows. And you dear reader are the one destined to do this. By reading this interview all will know the cruelty of his trolls. I present to you, [zG]Zies' revelation.

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