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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

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Ever since the release of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the Call of Duty franchise exploded in popularity, namely for the casual crowd. If there are any simple reasons for this shift in the game’s audience, it would have to be the ease with which one can play the game and perform moderately well. Arguably, this can happen with any game, but the Infinity Ward of 2007 used a blend of simplicity, customization, and smooth gameplay to deliver a highly polished game with a mesmerizing multiplayer experience for many hours of fun. However, over the course of the franchise’s life, the adjustments and additions to the Call of Duty games have lacked the unique zest that was introduced five years ago, and many of the changes have been very minimal. In November of 2011, Infinity Ward, in conjunction with Sledgehammer Games, released the extremely anticipated Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 as followers of the game eagerly awaited the continuation of the story and more hours of fun on the game’s notorious multiplayer. Seeing as how this is the most recent Call of Duty, it is also the best one. In this review I will focus on the three main modes featured in the game which include Special Ops, Campaign, and Multiplayer.

Dungeon Defenders

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Set in the land of Etheria, Dungeon Defenders is a third person tower defense game. The basic idea involves a playfield with several doors and one or more Etherian crystals. The game is set up in a wave like structure, spawning a set amount of enemies at each door per wave. These enemies will then try to destroy your Etherian crystal, a source of high power. To defend the crystals from the enemy minions and eventually even some bosses towers need to be constructed to kill these vile beasts. This is where you as a player come in. You as a player can choose one of the twelve available classes, each wielding their own powers and building their own specific towers all in order to kill the enemy and become the best Dungeon Defender. 

E3 in Brief

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Regardless of preconceptions, hopes, etc. E3 does what is does every year: shock some and disappoint others. With the mix of mobile-style additiions to consoles and a few good titles here and there, it was a hit and miss at best, but then again let's face it, that's not much different than any other year.

Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite

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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is an Action-RPG style game for the PSP. It was released on June 23, 2009 in the US developed and published by Capcom. It can be obtained either by UMD or downloaded through the PS3's PSN for $15. The game also can be played online through the ADHOC on the PS3.