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Hello new recruits! If you're reading this, then someone has pointed you in the right direction towards becoming a member of this fine clan! Joining the clan is a two-step process described below.

Register & Apply

The first thing to do is to register and apply on the forums. The registration page will automatically post an application for you. Do not include zG in your name, it will be added once you are approved.

Zealot Gaming does not accept members under the age of 16. Those who lie about their age will be dismissed immeadiately.
Probation Period

It is also important to note that after you have applied and your account has been accepted, you will undergo a probation phase of 30 days. During this phase, you should try to play with other clan members so they can get to know you and such. During this phase your membership may be revoked without warning if it is found that you are not a fit with Zealot Gaming's core ideals, or are in general a bad influence.

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