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Zealot Gaming Monthly Newsletter - #7 | September 2012


Ah, September.... That month that everyone has slight dislike towards. Summer fades away, school terms begin and university courses commence. This month tends to mess around with the tried-and-tested system that zG uses. Therefore, as September has been and gone, quite a bit has been altered, adapted and suited towards where we as a community are currently perched. Near every department has been affected in some way, as a result, we are unable to bring you League of Legends (Nordic/East) and League of Legends (North America) sections, and they will be featured in the Department of Leadership review.


League of Legends (EU West)

The EUW Division has been pretty quiet of late. Recruitment has slowed down a little bit but is still running okay. Game nights have been going well also and there's been good activity on the forums! We're still working with the ladder system to get it up and running fully, but besides that there's really not much to report from EUW!

Department of Operations

There hasn't been too much going on in the Department of Operations this month. Besides the general discussions on some larger clan matters, some web updates came along with general updates to the leadership resources available to clan leaders. Preparations are underway for a migration to the newest version of forum software which will also merge our main site into the forums, making everything integrated. I am very excited about this move, but it is still a ways off until the newest version provides the functionality of our current version. To sum things up, not too much, but as always various positions are open in the clan! If you have the time and motivation to spare, please be willing to look into a position that might interest you!

Department of Expansion

Expansion has been moving right along, implementing good changes and keeping their focus. Our healthies trial division is Guild Wars 2, with a growing guild in game and a developing leadership team. Diablo 3 and DOTA 2 also saw new leadership this month, bringing some much needed fresh blood into these trial divisions. Unfortunately the Department had to let our Global Officer, Ingeronic, go due to some personal circumstances. As such, Expansion is always looking for potential help in the form of Expansion Aides, Progression Officers, and anyone willing to recruit! If you have any questions, feel free to hit us up!

Department of Leadership

Leadership has been working very hard to keep providing the clan awesome opportunities and bring new members into Zealot Gaming. We also want to stress that you don't have to be an officer to help out - regular members are encouraged to host either scheduled or impromptu game nights and recruit friends and friendly players you meet through matchmaking! You can always ask for help from your friendly Division Officers or Division Leader if you have any questions or need assistance.

The NA League 1v1 tournament has finally wrapped up, and the final games will be shoutcasted by our very own, newest shoutcaster for the National ESL, [zG]Jeade! You can expect to see those games sometime in the next few days. If you're a new member, or didn't advance as far in the tournament as you hoped, fear not! Leadership is planning an inter-division tournament to start up soon. This will likely involve a tournament within each division run by its respective Division Leader and Officers, and the top player(s) from each division will meet to determine the champion from North America, Europe West, and Europe Nordic & East! More details on this tournament will be released in the future once they are decided.

The divisions are going through some minor growing pains recently. We’ve unfortunately said goodbye to a few dedicated Division Leaders, but we’ve been happy to welcome many more new Division Officers to our ranks, enough that I won’t list them all here. So don’t forget that Leadership is always on the lookout for active and dedicated members to help us keep the division exciting. League of Legends NA and EU N&E are looking for new Division Leaders as well. Feel free to put in an application if you think you could contribute – you might be surprised what you can do!

Department of Media

Ah Media, how we love you so! Bear with me, there's a lot to get through. First things first, people have been a-coming and a-going all the time throughout this month. September began with a rather nice cohort for Media, featuring the likes of Mia, Jeade, Shademaster, Giiraf, Zheta and Thimerit... only half remain to this day. After the resignations of Giiraf and Zheta, and the demotion of one Shademaster from GO and his subsequent resignation as an MO, Media began to hire 'fresh-blood'. Recently, Media has gained 3 fresh MOs to join the ranks (Lee, Disssy and Allan) alongside a re-appointed Shrimstah. Media is keeping applications for Officer positions open, however, more to come on that later on...

As of late Spetember, Media gained a new Global Officer... you may have read about it on the forums. Jeade has been a part of this Media team for roughly 5 months now, he's made himself known within the community and we all wish him the best in this role. 

Ok, so... this past month has forced us to adapt our startegy a little bit. From now on, we encourage every member of Zealot Gaming to grab that Media spark and create whatever they want to, whenever they want to. There are no contracts, no weekly deadlines, no contraints. Whenever YOU feel like doing something, go for it and we'll do whatever we can to assist or aid you in creating your Media.The MOs will do their thing to help you guys out whenever you need it. Of course, with regards to Media Officers, it is 'assumed' that they grasp that spark quite often! Again, Media Officer applications are permenantly open, but you don't have to get the tag if you want to make a one-off review, an occassional video or that infrequent article.

Anyway, that's enough from us right now... keep an eye on the forums, check that Youtube channel and follow the Twitters!

Department of Justice

"Being good is easy, what is difficult is being just.”
Victor Hugo

This past month Justice Officers have been more frequently handling member complaints, as have they become more accustomed to the way that Justice works and its role in the clan. As Justice Officers, they are responsible for handling inappropriate content on the forums, ensuring members are following Zealot Gaming’s very simple rules, and speaking with those who need to be reminded of our rules.

Members of Justice have recently been looking into a definitive method of upholding Teamspeak rules (in light of the new Channel Creation priviliges). We hope to make our ideas public once we have come to a consensus on a suitable procedure for dealing with Temporary Channels and Justice Officers (as well as other members of leadership and administration) will see that these rules are upheld. As was mentioned in the TeamSpeak Changes thread, members who abuse this privilege (and who break these rules) will have their Channel Creation rights removed.

To reiterate from last time, Global Officer applications are open indefinitely. Global Officers are the second in command of their respective Department and they are responsible for filling in when a Global Administrator is unavailable as well as ensuring the Department is running smoothly. Additional, varying tasks and responsibilities may be assigned to a Global Officer so that Department needs are met. Anyone interested in the position should apply, however those with previous officer or leadership experience within Zealot Gaming will be considered before those who have no experience in the clan.

Lastly, the Department of Justice has opened up an investigation regarding the mysterious LBatman. This interloper has been seen multiple times around the forums, Teamspeak, and even in-game, and has taken the law into his/her own hands while putting the respect of others in great peril. This person is considered immature and dangerous and we advise to avoid him/her at all times for your own safety. If you, or anyone you know has had an LBatman encounter or an LBatman sighting, please contact any member of zGJD (Zealot Gaming Justice Department) and report the incident with as much information and evidence as you can provide. Thank you.



[zG]MaPMota - LoL EUNE
[zG]Nomz - LoL NA
[zG]Beargitz - LoL NA
[zG]Deaz - LoL NA

[zG]Melons - GW2
[zG]Tr!ckz - Diablo 3
[zG]Jicksawjunk - DOTA 2

[zG] Lee


Members Matter!

Zealot Gaming is a community based on the members. That Admin team are here to help you out in any way that we can. The slight catch is that, without some chatter here and some tlaking there, we have no clue! Only with you guys giving us feedback (about when we, as an organisation, are not exceeding your expectations) allows us to improve the zG experience for each and every member. You can voice any concerns on the forums, you can directly PM a member of the team or you can ever chat to one of us on TeamSpeak. But it's not all doom-and-gloom! If we happen to be doing something right...hopefully rather often.... then feel free to tell us, so that we can continue to expand and improve ZealotGaming to the 'community of tomorrow'!

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