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Zealot Gaming Monthly Newsletter - #8 | October 2012


Another month has come and gone, and growth seems to be renewed for the clan! With the upcoming holiday season it will be prime time to grow into new areas with the release of new games and an influx of new players spending their non-deserved holiday money. Take this time to grow as a community and encourage others to join as well!


Small Changes

This month saw more changes than we hoped for, but all in all it will be what works best for the community. Small changes were made in the former departments of Expansion and Leadership to streamline their roles and give everyone a part in supporting new and current divisions. The focus is now, as it was intended, to focus on acting as a support system for divisions, not a supervisor. In addition, we sadly saw the closure of the Media Department, which had done some amazing work. Unfortunately due to the nature of gaming, schedules, etc. it simply became too difficult to sustain a department, and instead we've implemented a new Media Request system so that everyone interested may take part in clan media.

League of Legends (EUNE)

The EUNE division has run quite stable for the past few weeks even though we had a rough patch in the beginning of the month due to circumstances. But before we even reached halfway the month we got some great reinforcements through the promotion of [zG]Joltish and[zG]Luthorhuss! This helped quite a lot since the hosting of gamenights became easier and whilst having 5 DO's in total now we can more easily plan certain events and prepare new ideas for things. 

This is why right now we are working on 2 projects, one being the Zealot Gaming Seasonal Ranked Project (Suggested by [zG]Cristialex) and the other being the 2v2 tournament. So prepare for seeing those somewhere in November hopefully!

Sadly we didn't actually get to have any 'real' events past month. However we had the "Recruitment Contest" that ended mid-September but never got any attention 'cross-division' due to circumstances which caused EUNE to actually not having it's section in the September Newsletter. Anyways, the contest was very successful with 15 people being recruited in total by only 3 members who were competing for skin-codes (Riot Graves including champion, Full Metal Rammus including champion and everyone in the top 3 got reputation from all the EUNE Leadership). [zG]Maido won this with 7 recruits followed by [zG]Fishy having recruited 5 people and for the third place [zG]SeventhSky with 3 recruits.

But we will hopefully make up for our lack of events the past month by our upcoming plans :3 There is something else that we have 'introduced' for our Sunday gamenights though, which is the "Beat your Officers" gamenight (suggested by [zG]Luthorhuss). Previous Sunday we actually went on and hosted this. Several teams have tried to beat the DO's of EUNE, sadly we lost the first one but we won the second one ^^ And then we could no more gather enough people even though it was maybe around 21:00 

For the rest everything has been going quite smooth including recruitment, attendance of the gamenights and activity in-game and on the forums. So all-in-all it was still a good month for EUNE!

League of Legends (EUW)

Everything has been going nicely. Recruitment has, as always, been at a good steady rate and we've got a lot of fun new recruits. People have been active both in-game and on the forums! Game nights have been going really well. There's always a good turn out and the games go ahead with few set backs. We're also planning to host another game night alongside the already implemented ones on Wednesday and Sunday. We have a poll going right now in the EUW section for people to vote for their preferred day they'd like this new game night to take place on! It'll close soon though, so make sure to put your vote in soon!

We have quite a few upcoming events. Firstly, our Create A Champion Contest will be beginning in the near future! We hope to have some cool prizes on offer so I really hope you guys can take part in it. Secondly, our new event, Turf Wars, will be starting soon! We need more teams to sign up for the event though so please try and arrange yourselves into teams for the event if you're part of the EUW section.

Other than that everything has been going very well, although we did sadly lose one of our Division Officers, as Sticky has decided to resign from the position. He told me he has a lot of real life things to deal with now, so he'd like to focus mainly on those. This did mean I had a spot open up however, and I'm very pleased to announce that [zG]Jeade will be stepping into the empty shoes. I've got no doubts that Jeade will do an amazing job, so I hope you'll all congratulate him with me! I'd like to give a massive shout out to Sticky though. He was an amazing Division Officer and always such a pleasure to work with. The ideas he left behind won't be forgotten about and I'll try my best to make sure the ladder system still goes ahead. Once again, thank you for everything Sticky. EUW, over and out!

League of Legends (NA)

League of Legends North America experienced great growth this month with 23 new members joining just in the month of October. That's almost a new member every day! We've also had a complete rework of the leadership in NA with new division officers and leader. Hopefully our division will become more stable once I get a handle on being a division leader, which should be happening any day now. With the influx of so many new people, we're also seeing a greater interest in competitive gaming, and I'll be doing my best to accommodate to these needs by being more active in the looking for teams forum. This is not to forget the members who aren't interested in ranked, because my one true love will always be playing normals in League with new people, who have no idea that Heimerdinger is OP.

Along with trying to integrate new members with the clan, I've also been focused on stabilizing gamenights to at least 1-2 a week! Remember, gamenights are announced on the forums 1-2 days beforehand so check the forums as often as possible. I'm looking forward to holding other events such as tournaments or any contests in general, as soon as I figure out the details we'll be holding a no-barred mud wrestling contest. (Just kidding D: if only we could).

Please feel free to private message me or contact me with any suggestions or issues related to League of Legends NA. I'm always open to criticisms (or compliments :P). -Blabbles 


This one has been a pretty good month for DOTA 2 division. It experienced quite a growth, with new and active members here and there. Also, we solved our leadership problems at the start of the month, with two TLs that take care of EU and US timezones, respectively (HappyFace handling EU, and BBrevas handling NA). Bit a bit, we're getting some more activity into the division looking to increase it even more. Since the promotion of these new TLs there has been a grand total of 18 new members! To keep this recruitment and activity, both TLs will be doing bi-weekly gamenights, but that too is susceptible to change to a weekly basis, so that people see that the division is active, and will be more inclined to participate. Once we have some more core members, we can start thinking about teams and things like that. We do have quite a few people with DOTA 2 beta keys so post if you want one. Also make sure if you have those keys your giving them out to potential zG members!

Guild Wars 2

The Guild Wars 2 division has its ups and downs. All the TLs work hard on creating fun events and activities in a game that doesn't possess any real end game yet. We spend most days trying to find ideas for things to do as a guild but we have not settled down on a certain weekly event rotation and we also have problems with the time zones. It looks almost impossible to not disappoint one of each sides while organizing things. To change all that we are implementing a few changes such as changing worlds in order to find a more WvW dedicated one which would actually make WvW events worthwhile and fun. We are also ready to split the division into two, a European and a North American Guild Wars 2 Division in order to eliminated the time table problem. This means that those two divisions will have their perspective forums/events/members/leaders/decisions/worlds. But, we are going to remain in the same guild we are now as to not eliminate the possibility of cross-world events such as sPvP tournaments and such. We'd like to thank all those who remained in the guild so far despite all the difficulties we experienced and we hope to continue seeing them in Tyria for we are not giving up on this. We'll rise as promised.

Department of Operations

The Department of Operation hasn't seen too much action recently. Aside from the slight changes in structure and continued upkeep with finances, media, etc, the Department is moving at a steady pace. The move to a Virtual Private Server may be put on hold since the host has yet to give us the required information. Also on the horizon for Operations are new ways to increase member involvement and voice in the clan, and a new program aside from Town Halls to get members more interested and active. Also, I do plan on finding a new GO at some point, as well as having them do some more with member ideas and concerns. On top of that, stay on the lookout for a more cohesive leadership team. I plan to increase the number of leadership meetings and get all leaders on a similar page. That's all for now. Exciting isn't it?

Department of Recruitment

The Department of Recruitment is beginning on a new but solid path towards bringing the playerbase for your favorite games to Zealot Gaming and therefore helping to establish new friendships, new gaming partners, and more competitive gaming. Right now, Recruitment having been slightly restructured recently is in need of recruitment officers to help further the growth and expansion of Zealot Gaming. Right now, Recruitment only involves me (Isaiha) and GA support from DrMath, Maz00, and Zies. We could definitely use your help. If you have a passion for meeting new people and growing and learning with them in new and popular games that would help not only grow Zealot Gaming but establish a solid new division, then Recruitment is for you. If you have interest, please fill out an application for Recruitment Officer. We are also in need of a potential GO and GA of recruitment, but much more experience, trust, and veterancy is needed for these roles.

On Firefall - When I started playing Firefall, I initially thought it would be very hard to recruit for the game. Well, turns out I was wrong. Firefall now boasts around 10 members and is still growing. We started doing large community based events such as double-drop Meld thumping which has in turn brought lots of players to join us. This gave us opportunity to promote zG and invite players into our community. We continue to do this. I couldn't have picked a better time to start recruiting a core group of players for Firefall as it was during Red 5 Studios Firefall Fest, a big event promoting the game with giveaways, actors, reviewers, and popular gamers playing the game during certain time slots, and lots of people receiving beta keys and buying founders packs. This opened up the door to finding quality members and fresh new players to the game. We continue to find new recruits, and our activity couldn't be better, with 90% of our division roster logging into website and posting consistently since day 1.

Department of Engagement

Hey guys, maz bringing you a little update on Engagement. After the shift of roles, the Department of Engagement quieted down quite a bit. I'm less focused on overseeing Divisions and micromanagement and more focused on supporting, training, and intervening here and there. I love that I can more easily be involved with the Trial Divisions now. I was able to easily promote [zG]Viraleus to GO Engagement and we're working on a few things and keeping ourselves updated on the goings-on of the clan as a whole.

Next month I will be hosting a new inter-division weekly game night for League of Legends: Admins vs. Members. We admins will be hopping around the servers every week and giving many of you the chance to beat us all to a pulp ^.~ I will post a more detailed thread when the time gets closer, so look for those in the League of Legends forums!

I do want to remind you all a few things! First, there are lonely probie applications that go untouched. If you play with a probie and had a good/bad experience with them either in-game or on the forums let us know in their application! You can find their app in their main game "probies" subforum in the Applications forum. They will be reviewed at the end of their probation and rep will be given to those that take the time to help us out ^.^/

Also, I want to remind our members and let our new members know that you do not have to be in a higher rank to hold an event, contest, tournament, or game night! If you are a new member I do ask that you have at least one ranked member helping you during the event to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible for you ^.^ If you have any questions about how to set up a thread, tournament, or event please don't be shy. Viraleus, myself and the leaders of your Division are here to assist you.

Lastly, if you have any ideas for us for events or projects or anything else related to the clan please let us know in The Open Forum. We pull from this to create many of the fun things you see happening in zG. A lot of times ideas will blossom into something brilliant, so even if you think your idea is "weak" or "bad" post it! We love to talk in zG ^3^ 

Department of Justice

All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.
Winston Churchill

After a long period of Justice without a Global Officer, one has finally been chosen amid the chaos of the Milky Way Wars and other such events. But no longer. A Global Officer who goes by the name of [zG]Deatvert, otherwise known as Hellena, is now responsible for aiding the Department of Justice in fulfilling its duties. It is advised that any PMs regarding Justice or issues should be sent to both the GO and GA Justice, although they should all be addressed to the Global Officer since the GA will be busy consuming Milky Ways.

The members of Justice have been working on a few things that will help the department, and Zealot Gaming as a whole, keep order throughout all services. First of all, they have worked on a guide to help members fill out Justice Tickets in the case that there are any qualms regarding how to fill these out. This guide can be found under the Announcement Forums titled Justice Tickets: A How To.

Furthermore, Justice has implemented a list of rules regarding Teamspeak channels. These rules can be found in the Channel Description of [RULES - READ ME] Channel Creation. This will prevent our server from containing too many channels being used by a single person. Those who are found to be abusing their channel creation powers will have these privileges removed. The list is as follows:

  1. Create the sub-channel under the game you're playing, or if it's just for general chat, under the member lobby. Don't go creating sub-channels in GW2 to play Minecraft, for example. Don't create a subchannel in the AFK Lounge. If you need a sub-channel, you're not AFK enough to need the AFK lounge. 
  2. No inappropriate sub-channel names.
  3. A sub-channel is not for an individual person to sit in because you don't feel like talking to people. Just mute your input and output if that is the case. If you're going to go AFK for a while, go to the AFK lounge or log off. 
  4. If you're in a sub-channel by yourself, you will either be asked to leave it, or, depending on the mood of the person involved, dragged out of the sub-channel into the permanent channel the sub-channel is in.
  5. No passwords on sub-channels unless they're being used by clan leaders for a discussion.
  6. Don't create a sub-channel to avoid guest registration. 
  7. If you're waiting for someone to log on to play with them, feel free to hang out in the game lobby. If you're in a sub-channel by yourself, the above rules apply. 
  8. Repeatedly breaking any of these rules may result in you no longer being able to create sub-channels.

Lastly, Justice Officers are the core members of Justice, and having a healthy amount of JOs is always good. While the Department is currently not looking to promote any new JOs, members are free to submit applications which will be reviewed and considered when the Department sees it fit to invite new members into Justice. Applications can be found here.

As always should there be any comments, questions, or concerns regarding Justice, feel free to contact a Justice Officer, Global Officer Justice, or Global Administrator.



[zG]Blabbles - LoL NA



[zG]Joltish - LoL EUNE
[zG]Luthorhuss - LoL EUNE
[zG]Jeade - LoL UEW


[zG]BBrevas - DOTA 2
[zG]HappyFace - DOTA 2


Don't Be Silent!

There are always concerns members have about the clan, leaders, whatever, but many are afraid to voice their concerns over punitive action, dislike/ostracizing from leaders, etc. Never be afraid of this! We have a good system of balances so these things don't get in the way or progress. The only way to ensure the clan grows in a positive direction is to point out the negatives and allow the clan to fix them. We are constantly growing and evolving! Don' be afraid to voice your issues in a respectable way or talk to any leader in private. We won't bite unless you ask us to. :3

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