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Zealot Gaming Monthly Newsletter - #9 | November 2012


Another month another newsletter. While it has been somewhat uneventful, there is always something happening and this is the way to keep up to date! So read on and ignore the missing reports from lazy bums who decided not to submit and get your fix for zG updates!



League of Legends (EUNE)

The EUNE division had a lot of recruitment done, hopefully we will see all or most of them stick around. We've really growing and its lovely to see this many new people! We've also launched the ZGSR project sign-ups and had an amazing 30 sign-ups making it for 6 teams to participate in the coming in house tournaments and "ranked ladder". We're looking greatly forward to this project and our members seems very eager to try this out! 

Also we've had the pleasure of having a new DO; [zG]Fishy joined the DO team and he is already doing a lot of good work.

League of Legends (EUW)

EUW has once again been doing pretty well! We've been stepping up our efforts to get recruits through as quick as possible, and I think so far it's been going really well. Abra and Goku have both been doing excellent with the applications! Game nights have been a little slower than normal, but we're hopefully going to come up with ways to remedy this sometime soon. Possibly more 1v1/2v2/3v3 tournaments all played during one evening. It was a huge success before so it's definitely something we could do again! 

Our Turf Wars event has now started! Make sure to check out all the action in the LoL EUW forum. Props to Slapbet for working so hard on this event, it's shaping up to be something really exciting, fresh and fun! Secondly, we'll have our very own EUW Newsletter up and running soon too. Much Lili's Newsletter was before, it's all going to be focused on the EUW Division, and will provide you with news on upcoming events, as well as a small column from each of the EUW DO's and myself! Keep your eyes peeled! As well as this, we have our own zG LoL EUW Top 5 Plays video series starting soon! You can find all the information you need to submit your clips in this topic:http://www.zealotgaming.com/forum/sh...ad.php?t=10055 If you have LoL Replay and you're part of the EUW Division, pleeeeeease take part! We need all the clips we can get! Thanks to Radical for doing this!

Last but no least, we welcomed a new DO this month! I have high hopes for [zG] Goku, he's already done a really great job with applications and I know he'll continue to do his best! 

Thanks for reading and see you round!

League of Legends (NA)

This month in League of Legends NA we've been a lot more active events-wise. I feel like there were many gamenights and that we're starting to get to know the members that joined us last month. I want to thank the new members, because you guys have honestly been great and the kind of people we want in this clan. And I want to thank the division officers for holding the awesome gamenights.

In the last newsletter I promised more events and contests. For those of you that do not check the League of Legends NA forum regularly, we do have contests going on! The official one is the first to 10 win contest. It's very simple and you should go check that out in our forums. The second is unofficial and member-based. There is a race to a certain ELO started by Zies, and the prize is to be able to brag and boast that you're the best player in our League of Legends divisions (since it is open to all divisions).

Our division does have some special things planned in the future that may or may not happen, but you guys should look forward to it nonetheless! The division officers are working hard to fulfill your requests. The only problem is, there are lack of requests. I implore our members to send me PMs sending me advice, complaints, requests, ideas, how you're feeling about the clan, and etc. The more the leaders know what the members want, the better we can improve the division to the needs of the members. I may seem scary and ragey in game, but don't be too afraid to talk to me about zG things. That's what we're here for.

And for our final point, to fuel my egomania, I am retiring as Division Leader from NA and hoping to step down to division officer or step up to another role. I just felt inadequate doing the planning things as Division Leader and it has nothing to do with the job. This position is great, every should apply for it! Or apply for division officer. Even if there are no positions open and you get rejected, it lets the admins and other people know that you're interested in helping out. Remember, you don't have to have a position to help out. Regular members can hold gamenights and make events. And if they have trouble doing this, feel free to ask the divisional officers and leaders to help and we'll try to guide you through it.

Look forward to more Division improvements!


Things haven't changed quite a lot since last month. Recruitment has been pretty nice, and now with the 5v5 tournament going, hopefully the activity will increase, too. If this one's well received, and successful, we'll do more events like it, with different rules and setups, with prizes or just for fun and the sake of competitiveness. 
Besides the tournament, gamenights will be resumed as usual, so event-wise we'll have plenty of activity.

We have, also, our own competitive team, zG Int, with a full roster of zG members! Make sure you all are rooting for them!

And before I forget to mention it, there still are some beta keys here and there, so if you want to try the game, just ask for one! You'll probably receive it in no time.

Guild Wars 2 (EU)

No Report Submitted.

Guild Wars 2 (NA)

The last month has been booming for the Guild Wars 2 NA division. After the split of EU and NA, activity skyrocketed and we've been playing together much more often. The Guild has been grouping up more regularly for dungeon runs and World vs. World runs as well. The Lost Shores event was a semi-flop for some people, but we managed to make the most of it as a Guild. We'll be looking forward to the Wintersday event coming soon in December. 

Upcoming/ongoing events and activities:

The Guild as a whole released our Guild Ranks and would like to congratulate again our new Vanguards [zG]xdreddx and [zG] eli, Merchant[zG]Jcabo and hard-working Recruiter [zG]Carebox!

We've welcomed a total of 12 new members since then and are continuing to grow every week! If you play Guild Wars 2 and would like to join us in the NA Division let [zG]SoulReeperXIII or [zG]maz00 know!


Department of Operations

Operations is slow going. After an attempt to migrate to a VPS, that avenue has been closed since our host didn't communicate very well. TeamSpeak seems to have stabilized, and several systems we use have gotten some upgrades making things run a bit more smoothly. We are still looking to upgrade to the newest version of our forum software once it becomes available, so prepare for that. I'd also like to welcome my new minion, [zG]Blabbles, to Operations. She is now your go to person for questions and concerns about the clan as well as criticisms of leadership which shall remain 100% confidential. Think of her as a leadership-member relations person and talk to her whenever you need something!

Department of Recruitment

Recruitment in Zealot Gaming is fairly steady we are continuing to see new faces every week in all of our divisions. We are still looking for recruitment officers to aid in our efforts in researching new games and finding core groups of players to help start new divisions. Recently, Recruitment's focus has been on FireFall and we have seen a great group come closer to the next step of divisional status. I have also attempted a reboot of Star Wars: The Old Republic, hailing 20 members in game and approximately 4-5 Probies already registered on our website. My hopes are to see FireFall and SWTOR be our next trial divisions where we'll see a couple current trial divisions move to hopefully making Official division status. Finally, Recruitment is looking into a game that is turning some heads and is in Closed Beta, Hawken, a Mech FPS Online Game. With this research our expectation is to see if it has enough popularity and potential longevity to become a division. Remember we need Recruitment Officers, so apply if you think you got what it takes!

Department of Engagement

Hello guys, I recently got promoted to GA of Engagement so I'm still working things out. Basically I will go over the same things Maz00 nicely covered last time. The Department of Engagement is pretty quiet and for now we focus on Trial Divisions since the Full Divisions seem to be working great.

For NA, Blabbles is planning on resigning as DL, but we will not rush into getting a new leader since it's a really important role and we would like to take our time before we proceed plus Blabbles did great and the next leader will have to be if not better at least as good. Luthorhuss got promoted to Division Leader of LoL EUNE and he is doing very well (thumbs up!). Now when it comes to Trial Divisions I'm very excited to announce that DOTA 2 is close to becoming a full Division with a total of 56 members so far.

During Christmas vacation we will have a tournament "Admins vs. Members" you better get ready to smash DrMath's face and please let me win. There will be a more detailed thread about it within the next week.

If you play with a probie please take some time and reply to their application thread which can be found here: http://www.zealotgaming.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=43. It is really important to tell us what you think of them since they will be joining our community as full members once their probationary period is over. On a side note though, I'm really please with our members stepping up their game and hosting game nights or coming out with ideas and suggestions. It's always great to see that you want to be involved , keep it up !

Before I go if any of you has any ideas, suggestions or think that some things could be improved please feel free to contact me, Viraleus or your Division Leader and Division Officers.

Department of Justice

No Report Submitted. So da lazy.


[zG] Mia

[zG]Luthorhuss - LoL EUNE

[zG]maz00 - Guild Wars 2 (NA)
[zG]HappyFace - Guild Wars 2 (EU)


[zG]Fishy - LoL EUNE
[zG] Goku - LoL EUW
[zG]Static - LoL NA


Volunteer Your Time and Skills

Many of our divisions, trial divisions, and departments are always in need of those who have the time and skill to devote to the clan. Apply for the various roles available, especially in your division and in recruitment. Donating your time and skill is more valuable than any monetary donation could be, and the pride you get from seeing your work help the clan grow is amazing. Trust me when I say it's completely worth it!

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