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Engagement Team Complete

After much discussion about the great candidates who applied for the open Assistant Director position, the Board, Ferrius and I narrowed it down to two outstanding contenders. They were so outstanding, we couldn't just pick one! Please join me in congratulating [zG] Cholma Cho and [zG]lollercoaster. If you have any questions regarding these promotions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Media Managerial Staff

Hello everyone! For those who weren't aware, are completely oblivious to clan happenings, or fail to read anything on the forums, we recently went on the hunt for a Media Manager, someone who could help us organize and manage clan media projects and ensure that we have some life and presence in our media endeavors, including YouTube content and social media. We have some inspiring applicants, and narrowed it down to two. We had such a difficult time choosing that we decided to let the two of them work as a team. Introducing your new Media Managers, those who you should go to for all media concerns...

Membership and Guild Changes

Hello everyone! DrMath here with a very exciting announcement to the change in our membership structure.

Many of you may (or may not) have been keeping up with the discussion about what to do with MMORPG membership and how to handle them within the clan. This lead to a discussion about how membership is viewed in the clan, and how we have taken so far a view of punishing inactivity instead of rewarding activity. This lead maz00 and I to work together (mostly maz though, credit where it is due!) on a new tiered membership style, where members can decide how active or involved they wish to be, and are recognized as such. This will be implemented clan-wide and was discussed with all leadership, not just the Directors (for more feedback) and we hope you all will enjoy the new style we have come up with.

This discussion, first and foremost made us reevaluate basic activity requirements which are listed below. Before gasping, read on to tiers to see how they fit.

TeamSpeak Switch

Hello everyone! I am here to announce the move of our TeamSpeak server! As many of you know, we have had various issues with the current host, having random lag and downtimes without really any explanation. The current server is 75 slots, and has served us well. However, when we were contacted by FragReady.com, we were able to secure a deal for a cheaper cost per slot, allowing us to upgrade to a 100 slot server with improved audio codecs, so the voice quality will be higher. This change is set to take place tomorrow evening. This will require everyone to be re-registered and whatnot. I will post more details tomorrow. The forum permissions and usergroups are currently being setup, and we hope to have everything finalized tomorrow. If the current server goes down before tomorrow night, please do not be alarmed; we will release the info for the new server as soon as possible.