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Hello everyone! Since we transitioned to a more fluid community, it has been difficult to establish a true direction for us. We've sort of been more esoteric, just floating about sort of doing things. Well, no more. It's time to take a look at how we've been and make some slight modifications to how we operate to allow us to keep our chill feel, while also allowing ourselves to plot a course for the future.


The first is to change our focus. Without a focus on specific games, it is difficult to target recruitment, and if you cast too wide of a net, you will catch a lot of fish but they will be so different that you won't have a cohesive school of them. So, we will only focus on the top popular PC titles right now which are League of Legends and Overwatch. Once these groups have stable regular player bases, we will evaluate if opening things up is wise and if we have the resources to do so.


With this change in focus comes a change in ranks. The ranks will be more game-oriented like they used to be, but will not really change in how they operate. Event and Recruitment Coordinators will remain unchanged. The other two ranks will be modified.

Community Coordinator -> Media Coordinator

The Media Coordinator (MC) will be responsible for posting content both on forums and on social media that relates to their game's community. This could be retweeting things from the pro players or game developers, posting about a gamenight on facebook, or the latest game news, videos, analysis, etc from popular streamers and youtubers. Any content to keep the zG media accounts on the feeds of our members will be their primary role, so if you spend tons of time on social media and love your game, this rank will be for you.

Community Manager -> Game Manager

The Game Manager (GM) will be responsible for ensuring their games (and/or regions if the...
Hello everyone. Another milestone passed recently. On March 13, 2016, Zealot Gaming turned 5 years old. It's difficult to believe it's been that long, but it has. Only a few of us remain who have seen the majority of that time, but we've had great times during these past five years.

As you probably noticed, or should have at this point, things have been almost stone silent around here, especially from leaders. I won't try to beat around the bush, the mass leavings last year came at a terrible time and struck a massive blow to us. After being in my job for over a year now, I have more responsibility and less time than ever, as often happens when you grow up. I still care about zG but I cannot devote the time necessary to push it far ahead of where it is now. I've been rattling my brain trying to determine what to do or where to go to no avail. The former idea man is now only thinking of ideas for work because #adultlife.

So, going into our 6th year of operation, I turn to people still hanging around for ideas. Regardless of what happens, if we want to achieve the activity and numbers we had in the past it will require some hard work, and there are those of us who have a wealth of advice to give but not enough time to sufficiently put it to work for zG without losing what little free time we have to enjoy ourselves gaming. It's a tough outlook when we look forward, but only because it is unknown. To those of you younger, with more time, what do you think? You are the hope and the future, and eventually I will become a ghost, as all old people do. My thoughts are that whatever direction we go will be chosen by the member(s) with the most drive to see that their ideas become reality. It will be those members whom the future of zG is entrusted (yes, that means big bad boss positions like mine!) So keep that in mind for those of you with a burning passion.

Zealot Gaming started from a group of about 6-7 people, and we have more than that now, a solid base, and...
Please join me in congratulating @BoqinHeng for his promotion to Event Coordinator! He's going to help out in LoL-EUW and start up a new EU clan in Blade & Soul! Keep an eye out for his threads for upcoming events in those games.
We the People adminz just got done with a little talk about getting back into gaming and finding cool peeps to play with. :D I hope y'all enjoyed the break as much as we did from our favorite game: leading Zealot Gaming. It's time to rebuild fo realz and to start we will need as much help as we can get! Our biggest focus right now will be recruitment, so if you are interested in helping out with that for any game or server of a current game we support, please apply here for the Recruitment Coordinator position! Please include a decently thought-out plan for the game you'd like to work on in your application. Here are some of the things we talked about:

1. A staff meeting will be held next Saturday on Jan. 30th at 1 PM EST (GMT -5). Please make some time during your busy Saturdays to make it. As always, let us know if you absolutely can't.
2. We'll be checking in on all current staff to see what each individual has planned for 2016.
3. We'll be setting base expectations for staff. Right now, we have higher expectations for rebuilding. The stability of your game's group will determine how much work the staff will need to put in. The goals and desires of the group itself will determine how much work the staff will want to put in. Please keep these things in mind!
4. It's time to clean up roster. Those who haven't visited since Oct 1, 2015 will be wiped in one week. An email has been sent to those accounts warning them of the big purge! As it stands 1388 people will need to re-sign up after next Saturday if they wish to rejoin us. Wow!

As you can see our main focus is from the top down, so-to-speak. As we continue to be a self-motivated, self-sustaining multi-gaming community, we all know deep down ;) that every one of us needs a little push to get going. We'll be working hard...
Promotion New RC in da HOUSE
Please join me in congratulating our newest Recruitment Coordinator @SynZ0r !! He's going to be working on getting some new folks in for HoTS and maybe some LoL! Thanks for joining us Syn :)
If you couldn't make it, you missed out! I held a surprise raffle and gave out some steam games to three lucky winners. Congratulations to @lazy @DinaMit and @Skyfire !! Thanks for playing and coming out to the meeting <3

During the meeting, we talked about all of our changes and simplifications and stuffs. If you have any other questions about the changes to zG please contact an admin! Again, if you'd like to become a staff member doing one or more roles please apply by clicking the forms tab at the top. :D

Thanks to those who came and listened to us ramble on about the community we care a lot about! aka YOU

If you haven't already joined our Discord DON'T BE A BROOM. It takes one click and you're in. :) You can find that button on the widget to the right side on the home page. Trust me, you won't regret at least giving it a try. You'll be pleasantly surprised ^.^/

See ya around guise~
Hello everyone! As we announced previously, we opted to transition from Teamspeak to Discord, a new voice+chat app being designed for gamers. It is still in development, but by hopping on early we hope to get more priority for our wants and needs, plus it is free with a lot of protections. It is not as full featured as Teamspeak yet, but updates come weekly and we are sure it will be there soon.

As such, when the server came for renewal this week, I opted not to spend the money to renew the server. This means the TS3 server is down indefinitely. We encourage everyone to join Discord. There is a widget on the main forum page with a link to join. It's fast, free, and pretty neat. If you have any questions, please ask!
Please join me in congratulating our newest staff member @Isaiha!! He'll be helping us recruit and hold events for games and things :D
Please join me in congratulating our newest Recruitment Coordinator @FuntimeBritt !! Do good work™
Hello, folks. It's time again for another Townhall, where we all meet up on voice chat and discuss things going on in the clan. Seeing as there's a sh**ton of new stuff, we have many topics to cover that are relevant to everyone. Click here for a preview of the meat of the meeting. We'll also be sending out lots of invites to our Discord server to help us test it out where many of us are hanging out already. Click here to check out Discord ahead of time.
Since the TS3 server has been closed, we will be hosting this on Discord.

Meeting starts at 4 PM EST (GMT -5)

Click to figure out what time that is for you. All staff is expected to be there, so please let an admin know if you will not be able to attend.

See y'all there!