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Recruitment Team

Greetings zG Members! Today I'm very happy to announce that the Department of Recruitment is seeing some wonderful additions to aid us expanding our community to new and popular games, as well as assisting and supporting current gaming divisions with their recruitment efforts!

I've been waiting quite awhile for this moment, and it's arrived! I'm very excited to be working with all of these members! First Off, I'd like to start with your new Recruitment Officers!

Please give a hip hip hooray and standing ovation for [zG] Cholma Cho, [zG]MrSn1ck3rs, [zG]Cintrik

These members are looking forward to aiding our community in reaching new heights to our total member count and overall activity rates!

Finally, I'm pleased to announce my new helper, secretary, little bitch. He's my new Assistant Director and he's ready to serve the community (and me) in the most delightful and non-promiscuous ways. This member has solid experience already as a Recruitment Officer and he has shown amazing skills in recruitment and developing a division, so please give a standing ovation for [zG] Ryeezyyy.


DOTA 2 Released!

And just like that, we have yet another full division, bringing our official total up to 5, our highest ever! They will definitely continue to work hard and make DOTA 2 even better, or face the wrath of Mia and Blabbles. Congrats to the leaders!


Guild Wars 2 (NA) Released!

Hello everyone! After a lot of hard work, ups and downs, and various changes, Guild Wars 2 (NA) on EHmry Bay is finally a full Division, and marks our first full non-MOBA division in zG, and hopefully the first of many RPGs we'll see in the clan! Congratulations to the leaders, and well done!


Clifford's Update - A New Logo

Hello everyone! As you know, it wasn't too too long ago in which the dragon, the symbol of our clan was adopted. During these discussions on logo and emblem choice, it was debate whether we wanted something more of a brand, or a symbol that represented our values. We chose a symbol, the dragon, which the community so graciously named Clifford. However, as time has passed, we need a bit more brand recognition, something everyone will notice as "zG" and know we are a clan, and maybe look us up. Through a talented designer, we have a classic timeless logo that will last forever in its simplicity and branding, and don't worry, he did a fantastic job of saving Clifford. You would all never forgive me if he disappeared. So, without further ado...