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Returning to Our Roots

Hello everyone!

It was nearly 5 months ago that the decision was made to merge Recruitment and Engagement into one department, a decision based in large part on the lack of stable leadership in Recruitment and the (then) consistent leadership in Engagement. For many months is has been building, with a focus on one side or the other. ArchAngel brought structure and new blood into the department, and we are now on a path to expand into new games like never before. However this is a large task, and keeping up with current divisions and gaming groups is also difficult. This is a lot to handle, especially for one department. Development had become a sort of "super-department" doing the work of two, especially now that the recruitment side was in full swing.

Given the new blood and activity, we felt now was the time to split the department once more, to go back to our roots, establishing the two departments that originally helped the clan (which at that time included a third, Justice, which has since been retired). This will allow current Development leaders more breathing room, and give those supporting current games more time to focus solely on the health of our current divisions and gaming groups. With that, let us welcome back the Department of Expansion, and theDepartment of Leadership! (For more information, please read up on the Clan Structure page.)

New AD for Development

This member has shown he is capable of developing multiple games in multiple genres. This diversity and work ethic will be a valuable asset to have going forward for the Development Department where he will be able to translate his success to others on a much larger scale. From his work to LoL NA to RIFT, his commitment to improving zG has in turned improved himself into a great leader who can be a viable AD and further offer insight to the members of zG. With that being said, please congratulate the newest Assistant Director of Development: [zG]Sillywinkles

Director of Relations

Hello everyone. Since our last meaningful restructure of the ranks where the system was made more like the C-series of many companies, I have had in the back of my mind a search for a partner of sorts. In the system we modeled this after there is the CEO, the top honcho, which in our case is me, and there is also the COO, the number two who handles most everything the CEO can. I have wanted this type of person for awhile, someone who can act as the go-to person when I am not around, someone who knows the clan well enough to handle the most of the business. I needed someone people knew, people trusted, someone who knew me well enough to predict my thoughts on things before I heard of them, but someone who could also keep me in check when I was being too crazy. I have worked with many people over the past several years in Zealot Gaming, and this person in particular knows me and my thought patterns more than anyone else. I have grown to trust them as a solid source of advice, someone to bounce things off of, to put me in my place when necessary, and someone who knows what they are doing. Even though I have not made this intention of mine know to the board as a whole, (they will be as surprised, or perhaps not surprised as you may be) I am finally ready to promote someone to this COO role.

State of the Clan - 2013 onto 2014

Hello everyone! DrMath here again with an update on the clan, it's past year, and a look into our goals and plans for the future. Needless to say the year has had ups and downs, but we have stuck with it and continued to help the clan evolve in ways we didn't think possible, and 2014 looks to be our most successful year to date. But before we move forward, it's good to look at where we've bee the past year.