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Event - The Zealot Games

The Zealot Games is a clan-wide event set up and maintained by Development to help promote division and inter-divisional involvement and competition in Zealot Gaming. Each year will consist of four seasons three months in length. Each month will bring a new "tour" to represent a facet of Zealot Gaming's game support stability and growth. During these three tours, Divisions will have the opportunity to earn points by doing and showing multiple variables of a Division's stability and growth. The three tours represented will be the Recruitment Tour, the Gaming Tour, and the Activity Tour.

Assistant Directors of Development

With the new changes, it has unfortunately left my hands tied and unable to write a proper promotion thread at the moment. Nevertheless, I'm sure he will introduce himself and his capabilities in this thread. Please come together in congratulating this member who has more than enough experience excelling at developing games: [zG]SLAUTH. Also [zG]maz00 got promoted too ^^.

Developing a New Direction

Hello everyone. A little over a month ago, when we still had 4 departments, I met with the Clan Directors and we laid out some things. One of the things I let them know is that due to the rocky history of Recruitment, I planned on looking outside for help, people I knew personally who were not in zG who had the experience and know-how to lead it and make it run extremely well, to finally help us grow out of our rut. Things changed a bit when we formed Development since originally those plans fell flat. However recently several very experienced people have joined at my urging and are going to dedicate their time to help the clan. Many of them will join as Developers, a role which is changing soon to be a more involved, more substantial role. The department itself is mostly changing on the Recruitment side, and will hopefully be substantial enough to be what it once was supposed to be when we started the clan, and (end game) will allow Engagement to split back off into an independent department. This is all long term however. The new leader of this Department will (I am sure) post a brief outline of the changes for everyone here in a short but informative bit to let the clan know the direction he is heading. He has not been here long, but that isn't really a big deal since time served does not make experience. The new leader of Development has more experience building divisions than I do, and I am sure will not let me or you down in growing our clan in ways we have only imagined for awhile. Without further ado, please congratulate: [zG]ArchAngel

On the Road...

...To Greatness! As you all know Development has had something of an understaffed team since it was born, since that point I have been searching for ideal candidates to help complete our team. I am happy to announce that I have found those people - I'd like you all to join me in congratulating the two newest ADs of Development, [zG]Loby and [zG]Insomnia! Both have shown considerable dedication to the clan and I have the utmost faith they will both excel in their new positions as ADs of Development and prove themselves invaluable in the near future.