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  2. Welcome back bruv
  3. Hello Everyone, So my name is Connor, or iZemae, which ever you prefer, currently 19 and working full time in IT Support. Other than gaming in my spare time I tend to chill and chat with people. Most recently I have started streaming and playing the likes of PUBGs, Overwatch and some low key Sims 4. A fun fact, I have actually been in zG previously, back when it was just starting up, I used to be known as Phoenix. I worked my way up the old ranks known as DO and DL, met a lot of great people here and then i felt like I had to leave due to getting a proper job and less time playing. So I thought I would see how I fit in again now that I am back, 3/4 years later. Hope to meet a few more people around, make some new friends and play some games. I do still see a lot of people from my past here too which would be cool to speak to again (if they remember me -iZemae
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  5. Welcome bruh. I'm from EUNE, but moved to EUW when the split happen, cause we all knoww deep inside: EUW > EUNE, right ?
  6. Welcome Nite. You should be able to find a Join button for Discord on the home page. That's where everyone is. See you there!
  7. Hello everyone. I'm Nitekesh. The Eune LoL player willing to join new community. I can say that I am really friendly and peaceful person. I like to play with others because it makes game more fun to me. I like to talk nonsense and have fun in general. I am able to speak through TS3 or Discord. I am over 16 years (25 years old) so you don't have to worry about me being childlish . If you want me in your ranks or you need more information about me, feels free to send me a message. Please keep that in mind that I am not a native speaker and I feel much better on keyboard than speaking so I might be a little bit awkward. I will try my best to communicate tho! The best way to learn is to practice right? Peace! - Nite
  8. Welcome mate.
  9. Welcome! You can join Discord by clicking on the Join Server button on the Discord widget found on the forum home page ^^ after that we can set you up with a shiny 'official' Registered tag on there. Thanks for joining and reaching out c:
  10. Hello Zealot Gaming My name is Brian (Darkblueeye) Just cal me Dark easier for some people i am 26 years old born on 06-02-1991 and live in the nederlands Yes A dutch guy and no i dont live in amsterdam The main game i play is LoL On eu west IGN Darkblueeye i hope ZG Can help me to Have tons of fun when gaming and i can help people out when the need help in the time i am with ZG Only ting i need to know is how to join discord Greetz Darkblueeye
  11. Whats up folks! Its finally that time of the year to party up and get that champion/rune page/name change you have always dreamed of cause guess what?,Riot decided to give us a free ip weekend boost based on how many friends we are going to play with.This event starts on Friday February the 3rd,for more info please visit their webiste here SO LETS PARTY UP PEOPLE! ITS TIME TO PARTYYYYYYYYYY thanks for reading this post , i will leave you now with the robots
  12. do you prefer people to refer to you as he or she when talking about you?
  13. i am clearly lost @maz00 im not very good at understanding gramar .... i am mentally handicap for reals..
  14. Welcome mate!
  15. Welcome! Which pronouns do you prefer?
  16. i am a moba main play sereral games mainly league of legends and smite but have alot on my pc am non biased about being male or female... just dont be judmental to me plz..
  17. Hey mate. I have it. let's play sometime. Hit me up on Discord.
  18. Hey guys, I'm having a great time with Tittanfall 2. The only problem is that I have nobody to play with, nobody I know has it on pc. If any of you is interested in some coop action just let me know. -Thanks, Foxxtail1
  19. I don't have a list but I have one favorite anime :Kuroko no basket <3 please add it , it's worth it , and thanks!
  20. Congrats ^^
  21. Eveything changes except change itself =)

  22. Love that avatar. Mass Effect ftw!
  23. Hey all, new here and figured id introduce myself, as the title (and admittedly my username) say Im Rioas, but everyone i know just calls me Rio. I play a crapton of league (same username btw) but i also enjoy streaming a lot, Ive been gaming on a PC for around 12-13 years from CS:S to WoW, so many games over the years. Im pretty easy to get along with overall, but i do talk a lot of shit, but to be clear i always try to make sure its all in good fun and nothing really meant by it, so i hope we can all get a long and have good times Anywho glad to be here and hope i can be an asset to the community. Keelah Se'lai
  24. In search of greatness ! On the road to success.

  25. FG the OG.
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