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Hello dear fellow lads and ladsies of zG!

Right now Humble Bundle has given Glen control of the current bundle. Now, I don't know Glen personally but I'm guessing he's a pretty cool guy, seeing how he put a game I've been itching to play for a long time under the one dollar tier - talking about Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. Have a look:

Never heard of it? Here's a gameplay video of our favourite Memelord PewDiePie:


It's basically Call of Duty with swords - and you know how the saying goes; the more, the merrier. So, I just went ahead and bought 6 copies of the tier one bundle (THAT'S SIX FUCKING BUCKS). One of those is for myself and seeing how I don't have 5 raging 12 year old kids at my disposal for the original CoD feel, I'll be giving away the other 5 copies to ya'll (THAT'S FIVE FUCKING BUCKS I'M THROWING AWAY).

Of course, giveaways aren't fun without a competition. You want one of those bundles? (WORTH ONE FUCKING BUCK) Then post me your favourite meme. Can be a picture, a video, a poem, whatever, as long as it efficiently makes my strawberry-milk squirt out of my nostrils. I'll give you five days to find and post your memes.

So to sum it up:

>5 Copies of the 1$ tier humble bundle (THAT'S FIVE FUCKING BUCKS).

>5 days to post memes

>Best 5 memes win

>Play Sword Art Online with me

>Ends 12.04.2016 at 8pm

[format=h2]LET THE MEMES BEGIN[/format]

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