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:) how is everyone?

ok so first off i would like to present to you the TOP 10 best free games for 2016 , everyone would play free games from time to time especially if they are actually good

:) here are the ones that are being released (or already have been released) that are worth talking about !

Starting off at NUMBER 10: we have Total War Arena , this is a free to play team based strategy game, in which players are forced to battle out their MASSIVE armies together , its a big RTS game and it's really good!


At NUMBER 9: Lawbreakers , this is a first-person Sci-Fi shooter , pretty fun when you play on the streets .....it kind of looks something you have seen before ( like Overwatch),polished, plays well and hey! its competely free!.


At number 8: Dreadnought , This is a strategic Space Combat game with a GIGANTIC ships....huge ships that usually we see on movies :P this combat like simulator game is on PCS , communication is really important in this game , here is an awesome picture of some ships you can get or find in this game:

dreadnaught-80lv-interview-game-04.png [MEDIA=youtube]TvZMMNOca9A[/MEDIA]

At number 7: Deep down , this is a Darksouls inspired focusing on 4 players dropping in and dropping out , its very challenging and very inspiring and i feel like they are going after the Darksouls fans here , the main difference is that its feels like you are in a million years in the future , one more thing to note though this is a CAPCOM game and its for PS4 , here are some screen shots:


At number 6: GIGANTIC , this is a fun MOBA style game with a really cool visual style! it's completely Hero based with a bunch of unique corki characters and you have these guardian like creatures that you have to protect and fight with , the object of this game is usually to kill the other team's Titans ....it sounds pretty simple but it can make a pretty complex and entertaining game scenarios , it feels like a different MOBA and its really refreshing if you are addicted to MOBAs ;) here is the Trailer:


At number 5: Blade&soul , this a PC action based MMORPG , the game features a combination of Martial Arts and Magic in an open world Enviroment that is pretty unique and there is a big character creation as well with a really nice weapon upgrade system: you have one weapon and you level it up through the game instead of changing weapons constantly like world of shitcraft .....


At number 4: Soccer Manager 2016 , this team based game is completely free to play , you take you own Soccer Club and manage them from the ground up , you can monitor and change your team during actual live game , change tactics and strats , micro manage your players and the coolest part is that there is a cross platform saving! you can save your game and play it on another device , if you ask me that's pretty dope for you guys who are a hardcore football fans , it's simple and easy to understand.


At number 3: Paragon , This game was recommended from our dear friend lord Tengil

;) all hail the one and only :P , anyways this one is from epic games , its hero based third person shooter with really nice character design and maps , the characters here look really incredible and the movement is fun , there are a bunch of different characters :support,tank,assassin,ranger and caster , in Paragon you can use a card system to upgrade abilities which give it a unique standard.


At number 2: FORTNITE , this game was announced years ago and we hope it releases this year , this game isn't a MOBA , it's a call out sandbox survival game is meant to build structures,fighting waves of zombies and scavenging items , it's pretty cartoony style and different for the Genre of game but its really fun .... hope they release it this year.


And for number 1 we have UNREAL TOURNAMENT , this new Unreal Tournament is just like the old one but just in a new Gorgeous new setting and the development of the game is open to everyone to try , the source code is posted online for free and hard core players with some skills can directly engage with this awesome game , this is the 9th Unreal Tournament game that is known for it's fast paced brutal classic style first person arena shooter and guess what? ITS ONE OF THE BEST .... and am really excited for this one , not to mention the fact that it's completely being developed by the community itself, and that's why its number 1 Baby



hope you guys will have lots of fun and enjoyment with these games and i personally looking forward to try them out myself , PEACE!.

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Fortnite looks kinda neat, maybe Total War Arena (but I couldn't get into any of the previous Total War titles, too weird for me), but others are kinda meh, there are better alternatives - maybe outside of Blade & Soul, but animu stylistics - huge NAH.

I personally prefer to pay for a really awesome game than play average f2p game.

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Fortnite looks kinda neat, maybe Total War Arena (but I couldn't get into any of the previous Total War titles, too weird for me)

OOOY Arena is multiplayer combat only. Every player control 3 groups of units, like 100 men in each group. Its 10 v 10 and just battles. Addictive as fucking crack man

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