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League of Angels Fire Raiders

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I started playing this recently. Pretty fun, has a brainless auto-mode for fights. The game is simple. You collect soul shards and summon heroes which you can upgrade with gold and additional shards (and more systems later). You can do various dailies to get stuff, and do the adventure to get items to equip and upgrade your heroes as well. You can also collect shards for Angels, who in your fights offer different buffs, skills, and utility to your team.

Fighting is easy. The teams attack automatically, and you can choose when to use their special ability once their rage-meter is full. If you set it to auto, the system will decide (for those of us who are lazy). There are PVP arena fights and special stuff you get from guilds as well. Fun game. Has a cash shop where you can use premium currencies, but there is a lot to do where it's not necessary. You also get the premium currency when you complete certain quests.

Check it out. I am on NA, server S241 Odinson

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