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Guide: Start Streaming Using OBS!

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So you want to be a streamer kid? Well, woop-dee-do! This will teach you how to get started using OBS Studio and Twitch.

First, be sure you have signed up with and also download the OBS Studio software at

Once you have done that, it's time to setup your stream connection to Twitch. Open OBS Studio, and click the "Settings" button on the right under the window preview, then go to "Stream".


Select the Twitch option from Service, then select the Server closest to your location. Then go to your Twitch Dashboard to get your Stream key. (Dashboard is at and display your key). Enter your key where it says in the box above.

Next, go to and follow the steps to get the estimated best settings for your PC and internet connection. Once you have these, go to the "Output" tab and enter the settings, be sure the select Output Mode: Advanced.


Now that the hard part is out of the way, you can setup your stream however you like. There is a great guide for OBS Studio here: that details what Scenes are, sources, etc. To get the Discord information like I have, including the overlay, you'll need to look at the Discord Streamkit for OBS ( and follow the instructions for what you want to add! I hope this helps! The settings are the most important part because it determines if your stream is even watchable, the rest is just aesthetics!

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