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    Welcome to Zealot Gaming! Founded in 2011, Zealot Gaming is a community dedicated to enhancing the gaming experiences of our members, and fostering new friendship through gaming. Our goal is to bring together like-minded gamers who want to feel like a part of something bigger when they are gaming, or those who just want somewhere to call home and relax. It's not always fun gaming alone, and we hope to remedy that through gamenights, events, and discussions about, what else, gaming! If you are seeking a fun, more mature crowd to share your gaming experience with, look no further than Zealot Gaming!

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    Do Not Cheat

    Cheating is completely inexcusable. Violating a game's Terms and Conditions, EULA, rules, policies, and otherwise is completely inexcusable. Any violations of these, including but not limited to hacking, stealing, cheating, etc. is grounds for an immediate ban. Those banned for cheating by an anti-cheat service will be treated as violators of this rule.

    Respect Your Fellow Community Members

    Respect is something every person deserves, especially if they are a member of this clan. As such, you are to respect all fellow members at all times. If you have a dispute with another member, ask a staff member to help resolve the issue. Everyone is here to enjoy playing games and have fun. You are free to leave at any time if you don't wish to do either of those.

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    No Inappropriate Content

    While Zealot Gaming is not responsible for member posted content, we do not condone inappropriate material. This includes pornography and links to pornography and related sites, and links to or encouraging the use of illegal material (ROMs, Warez, Emulators, and Illegal Downloads).

    Respect Individual Forum/Channel Descriptions

    Each forum and Discord channel has its own description, whether they be general discussion or game specific. Please be mindful of these when posting and chatting.


    Members of Zealot Gaming are barred from using offensive usernames both in-game and on the forums. Members represent the community at all times, and inappropriate or offensive names do nothing to help the community's reputation. If a username is thought to be inappropriate by any member, administrators may ask you to change it.