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    Discord is a free online Voice (VOIP) and Chat server that Zealot Gaming uses to communicate and keep in touch. Think of it as a mix between IRC, TeamSpeak, and Skype! It is free to use and has a lot of nifty features! It offers free servers and lots of encryption, so your IP is safe from would-be DDoS attacks (and so is the server)! It also works in a browser, or as a Windows application. It also features free mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, so you can always stay connected even on the go. It might be new to you, and it is a newer VOIP program, but it is improving all the time and their developers really listen to the feedback from users! Give it a chance and join our server using the widget below!

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    Owner: maz00


    For @everyone

    $help - lists all commands

    $perms - bot dm's you your nique permissions

    $play {url} - plays a song link or playlist

    $play {text} - searches youtube for the text

    $search {text} - essentially same as above*

    $queue - lists the current playlist

    $np - "now playing" lists the current song

    $skip - vote to skip the current song and play the next in queue

    Currently set to 4 votes or 50% votes of undefeaned users to skip a song

    $clean - deletes messages with the $ prefix

    *For more commands and further details

    Admins and those with the Bot Commander tag in Discord can use more permissions.

    DM an admin or maz00 for any issues or suggestions to improve our bot!