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    The primary purpose of Zealot Gaming is of course the Gaming, the facilitate it, promote it, encourage it, and make the experience more fun for our members. Our Gaming Division is made up of our Primary Games sections (which may be sub-divided based on region if necessary), top-level popular titles that the community focuses on, and general members who wish to be a part of the community, but may play smaller games, lesser known titles with or without other members. These members, both general community members and those of primary games sections must go through an application processes (the application of which is automated upon registration) in order to be considered a full member. However, the community also allows participation of non-members on our Discord server, though priority in events and activities is given to officially registered members of the community as well as some access on the Discord server and forums which is limited only to members.


    Social media, including Facebook and Twitter, as well as other services such as Twitch, are now well ingrained into the fabric of gaming, and should be treated with the importance they deserve. As such, a focus on the media aspect of gaming is extremely important for any community who wishes to be successful. To this end, a group focused on media concerns, utilizing and promoting social media, facilitating member content in streams and videos, will exist and report to Community Leaders (of which a specific one may be assigned to lead media efforts).

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    Community Leaders

    Leadership of the community as a whole is very important, as it radiates down and gives direction not only for where the community is headed, but also to its game leaders. The primary leaders of the community are the Community Leaders, who oversee primary game sections and advise their leaders, and ensure that community members are happy, engaged, and that their needs are being heard and met to the best of the abilities of the community.


    • Meet/discuss with fellow Community Leaders monthly to review, plan, implement, etc. any goals, issues, or changes that need to be addressed.
    • Ensure that community members not part of Primary Games sections are engaged and happy as best they can.
    • Act as advisors in disciplinary matters with members to facilitate a fair outcome.
    • Act as administrators and moderators of the website and Discord server.

    Future Requirements

    • Meet monthly with Game Leaders to review the status of primary games and ensure that their sections are active, happy, recruiting, and meeting all set goals.
    • Lead and attend monthly (or bi-monthly) community-wide “Town Hall” meetings for all members to attend to give an overview of where the community is, its progress, problems, etc. and to gather community input.
    • Must play a game (actively) that is currently a Primary Games section.
      • Exceptions (to be determined) may be for a general community member focused leader or a leader for community media.
    • 30 days of membership required.
    • Approval from majority of current Community Leaders.
    • No limit on the number of Community Leaders, though an odd number is preferred in cases where a vote is needed to make an official decision, and care should be given to the proportion of leaders relative to members and primary games sections.

    Game Leaders

    Primary games sections are led by Game Leaders. They serve as the main leaders and managers of their section. They are responsible for ensuring that disputes between members are settled, and that all members of their section are active and enjoying their time. They promote and oversee Game Officers who assist them in these tasks.


    • Provide leadership guidance, vision, and direction for their game section.
    • Actively play the game whose section they lead.
    • Select and delegate tasks (such as event hosting and recruitment) to Game Officers.
    • Resolve all disciplinary matters concerning members of their sections, with input and aid from Community Leaders.
    • Act as moderators of the website and Discord server.
    • Limited to 1 per primary game section/region.

    Future Requirements

    • 30 days of membership.
    • Meet monthly with Community Leaders to go over their section’s current status.
    • Attend monthly “Town Hall” meetings to give updates and respond to concerns and questions about their section.
    • Meet bi-weekly with Game Officers to review their progress and status.
    • Approval from majority of Community Leaders with input from Game Officers.

    Game Officers

    Game Officers serve as assistants to Game Leaders. They are primarily responsible for hosting events (commonly called gamenights), recruiting, and other duties that may be needed. They help the Game Leader make sure that their section is active, stable, and growing.


    • Provide leadership guidance, vision, and direction for their game section.
    • Actively play the game whose section they help lead.
    • Fulfill and carry out duties and tasks assigned to them by their Game Leader.
    • Act as moderators of the website pertaining to their primary game section.
    • Selected by Game Leaders (applications encouraged but not required).
    • No limit for number of officers.

    Future Requirements

    • 30 days of membership.
    • Meet bi-weekly with their Game Leader to review their progress and status.
    • Attend “Town Hall” meetings if requested and their Game Leader cannot attend.
    • Give advisory input in disciplinary matters concerning members of their section if asked.
    • Give advisory input to Community Leaders upon selection of a new Game Leader if asked.

    Media Coordinators

    Media Coordinators are focused on promoting the community as a whole through media, including social media, videos, streaming, and more. They promote section events and gaming news, fostering discussion about gaming and promoting the community.


    • Post on the official social media accounts of the community with events, information, and news about the community as well as sharing gaming-related content from other sources.
    • Promote member-created content through social media accounts.
    • Strong familiarity and experience with social media such as, but not limited too, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. is prefered.

    Future Requirements

    • Promote and facilitate video content to be shared on the community YouTube page.
    • Provide access to resources and tutorials for members on creating media content which can be shared on social media.
    • Assist in coordinating and managing streaming by members within the community.
    • Meet monthly with Community Leaders to review media efforts and discuss goals, changes, and progress.
    • Attend monthly “Town Hall” meetings to take member input relating to community media.
    • 30 days membership required.
    • No limit on the number of Media Coordinators.