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  1. Hey everyone. If you're a fan of minecraft and play it somewhat regularly or regularly, I have a project you can be apart of. I am looking for fellow builder enthusiasts and those who are experienced writing code for minecraft servers. The cool thing about developing is you get to make custom mods and addons for the server that help make it better and more fun to play. Alongside that, building is fun too, if you like making realistic creations like castles, houses, ships, landscape, dungeons, trees, caves, etc. I am seeking any individual that is interested in helping out. We could use all the help we can get, and we get to have fun playing too. If interested, please add me on skype (aaron.neme) or discord (Isaiha#8640) to discuss details. Be sure to mention the minecraft server and thread. I know there may be some of you who want to make your own server, so here's your chance to do that without having to be responsible for hosting it (especially putting out money to host it too!) Looking forward to hearing from you all soon.
  2. can't wait to start doing it
  3. thanks both of you
  4. Hi ZG If you don't know who I lucky you don't jk I'm an oldie/veteran member but for the past 5 months I have been unfortunately in a position where I couldn't access my home, computer, internet, gaming, etc. Imagine going 5 months without a computer! Well I'm still alive thank the Lord. I hope Zealot Gaming is doing well. It is 4 am and I just got home's a bit surreal coming back home to technology and civilization. Keep going strong ZG! ~Isaiha aka Issy Senpai
  5. Yes I agree and personally speaking my plans and thoughts to put into motion tournaments and events and recruitment on my part haven't really gotten going and for very good reasons (e.g. Real life, new job, new responsiblities, going back to school) and this leaves me hardly any time when I'm at home to relax, game, and do other things needing doing when I'm at home). Us old geezers who've been around awhile probably can't contribute anymore than our wisdom and sage advice for those younger and more fresh to the gaming community scene. If ZG wishes to stay afloat, we must look back at what primarily made ZG big in the first place. Did it not start with a few people who started the community in 1 game and focused on that game with recruiting, playing games, having fun, and building up from there? All I'd say is we must simply not put positions of responsibility of recruitment, event planning, and pro-active leadership of games to those of us who've been around or are so old or working real life jobs with real life commitments. When I was a young gamer entering into clans, I was HAPPY to help cause I always wanted to find people to play with, have fun, make friends, and in my own mind help build a community that I could feel I helped and was successful. There is this certain "competitive" nature to being a teenage gamer that changes how they work and play at games. I think I worked harder in a clan/gaming community when I was in my teens and early 20's than I am now as a 29 year old. I just don't have the much as I would love to see activity and fellowship and tournaments, I'm just too "busy" in life. And when I do actually have time, it seems weeks or even months have passed by since the last time I did something to help or aid the community. I think for us, as hard as it is to say, we should let the community be driven by the "younger" generation of gamers. We can still keep our policies on maturity, age, no drama, respect, etc. but I don't think us older folks are REALLY gonna have time for this kind of stuff. I think we start "getting tired" as we get older. 5 years ago, we probably had more energy to do things than we do now. As the gaming scene changes, and more games come out, it's just too tough to keep up with when we're still trying to catch up not only with our own lives, but catching up with the events of ZG and gaming in general. I think us old geezers should really be, simply put, elders/advisors. No time for true clan responsibility outside of fixing the website and monitoring things. Cause that's literally what I've been doing these past couple months and I just haven't had time with all these crazy changes happening to me recently in my life (new school, new job, legal shit I'm dealing with, etc.) It's too much for me. And I have been personally thinking of setting aside permanently any notion of being a leader in this community outside of just giving simple advice on various areas of clan stuff. That's really all I am currently capable of doing. And I think alot of other leaders should follow suit. So what do we do? My recommendation is literally replacing all leadership. Every person. This may come as a shock, and will probably not sit well with some of you leadership, or even members maybe, but honestly I think you would appreciate it after the fact not having so much on your plate as an adult, when we can give the responsibility of growing and helping lead the community actively to youngsters who are probably alot more actively involved than we are! High schoolers, or even young college students who aren't up to their eyeballs in homework and papers. I think it just makes sense logically to go in that direction. That's my opinion, you can agree or disagree with me that's fine, but at least share your thoughts and opinions also. Thanks all and pssh being in ZG nearly 4 years now for me is
  6. Event

    Yes via streaming. LoL tournament will have multiple streamers (hopefully).
  7. Event

    Our Heroes of the Storm Best Cho'gall Tourney and League of Legends 5v5 March Madness Tournament registrations are now open. Sign up now!
  8. <<<<<Click Here to Register>>>>> Greetings and GET READY TO RUMBLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! for the March Madness 5v5 Tournament! This is one of our biggest attempted tournaments and all regions currently active are invited to participate. Any and all are invited to form their team of 5 members and sign up for this grand tournament. We are aiming to have huge prizes for the winners! So start getting pumped up as this March is gonna be the Zealot Gaming sponsored version of the world championship! The structure is simple. Each Region is assigned a Group and Each team in a group plays each other in that group once, Round-Robin style. Each Matchup will be consisting of a Best of 5 scenario. There can only be 2 teams that advance to the next round, which is the semifinals. Each team can have a total of 7 players on the team, 5 players for each match, and 2 substitutes/alternates to switch in and out for matches. It is very important that alternate/substitute players are readily available to step in during group and match plays. <<<<<Click Here to Register>>>>> There are a total of 4 groups, so for example: NA region will have 4 teams EUNE will have 4 teams Oceanic will have 4 teams And the last group will consist of teams left over from another region or perhaps a mixed. **This will be finalized later on as the status of our League divisions are being discussed. Also VERY important to note is that all registered players on your teams MUST have a Valid Account on the EU West Server in the event they are placed in the semifinals/finals** Once in the semifinals it is the standard Best of 5 to move on to the next round, the finals! All teams must register to participate in this tournament. [bCOLOR=#ffffff]Prizes are TBA --- Rules are TBD[/bCOLOR] ***IMPORTANT*** All of our staff are committed to bringing you a fun and awesome tournament. We highly encourage all members to consider bringing friends from outside of the community to be on your teams. If you CANNOT locate other players for your team, please find a Community Coordinator, Community Manager, Event Coordinator, or Recruitment Coordinator to help you find players from inside or outside the clan to be on your team. Looking forward to a GRAND tournament! <<<<<Click Here to Register>>>>>
  9. Event

    This thread is updated with a calendar of events.
  10. Best Cho'gall in ZG Tournament Date: February 10th onwards Registration is now open! Get a partner and sign up! Registrations end February 10th. Prizes TBA CLICK >>>>>HERE<<<<<< TO REGISTER
  11. well you can join us on our minecraft survival server if you'd like
  12. [uSER=2693]@Ferrius[/uSER], [uSER=8632]@vrisk[/uSER], [uSER=10040]@Enryu[/uSER] [uSER=6314]@Akula[/uSER] I have bad news. I was just hit with financial devastation and was planning to use my own finances for the prizes for this tournament, and unfortunately with lack of participants and this situation I'm in I'm sorry to say this tournament will be postponed till a later date in which I can not only provide prizes but also be able to have a fuller list of participants. As of now there would have been only 5-6 partipants with that potential 6th not being sure of participating entirely. So I will have to postpone this and again sorry but I must think of my current emergency financial situation I will tell anyone who asks me privately why this is but in the meantime thank you registering and being willing to take part in this tournament. We will eventually have the tournament no worries just not at this time. Merry christmas
  13. no problem man! I'm just back from ohio so I'd love to help you with the minecraft thing. Just let me know when your on discord
  14. Registration is still going on and I will work hard to try and reach 8-12 participants.
  15. get on discord maybe we can work something out where you can get involved in the minecraft tournament! Just message me