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  1. A4tech bloody B150 comboed with my Bloody V8 mouse Quite nice for it's price.
  2. A4tech Bloody V8. Well, it's a mouse mainly for FPS games, but I also use the two side buttons to self-cast some spells when I play LoL. I've been using it for 2 and a half yers and it's awesome! 9/10
  3. I'm playing Paladins now and it look pretty fun. And yeah, the classes are not balanced yet. But the game is being updated constantly. They've made it to patch 19 so yeah, that sums it up.
  4. CS:GO with about 190 h and Trove around 150 h
  5. Tons of flash games, but my really fitst was a demo of a game with some kind of motors racing And also almighty classic Yu-gi-oh
  6. Well, I've been playing about of CS:GO lately... So, sorry of leaving you all behind... But I've logged up in TS yesterday and some days ago and nobody was there... So yeah, I'm really up and ready for the revive of the awesome, friendly and cozzy eune division I really hope that we'll play again
  7. I'm kinda new to CS:GO (I used to play alot 1.6 back in the days) but I consider myself an avarege player. So i play mostly dust2, mirage and inferno. Aztec and dust are always selected but I've never played them on competetive.
  8. Do you know when does the voting end?
  9. Well... I'll be away from August 20-th until September 7-th. Going to two training camps so won't play during this time. Anyway, I'm playing Trove now and League is I somewhere in the background
  10. Welcome! Have you played the Borderlands games? Including the Tales of the borderlands? Well, all of them are my favourites!
  11. Welcome, mate !
  12. I was spammin Cho'Gath's E because it was on low CD and I tought I was doing something that way
  13. Oh please, almighty golden DARN, come to me!
  14. All lanes balanced, but I'll go for ADC
  15. Congrats man