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  1. Oh goodness...
  2. Yes
  3. I love her ! <3
  4. Came back Can't stay away from Math for too long apparently Hopefully I can jump in and help with all the new changes!
  5. lol uhhhh do I know you? weirdo o_O
  6. Yee shiekk we'd like to have you around! It will be even better than before!
  7. Oh green is so purty ^^; Definitely need to start with getting some NA people after the mass exodus. Will do my best!
  8. Yucky Saturdays! And the day of my Friendsgiving
  9. Bye sweets You know where to find me. Mssg me sometime!
  10. Leaving Bye friends <3
  11. Stox pls
  12. Ugh unfortunately Corsair. New to come soon
  13. Only for you bbygurl
  14. LOOK HOW ADORABLE. [MENTION=1]DrMath[/MENTION] Can we get these for everyone? [ATTACH]7895.vB[/ATTACH]
  15. Not posting
  16. Welcome!
  17. Congrats bffl
  18. Move up to DO @smgski3
  19. That is us every game.
  20. I only want to play against Vil...and we both play a support champ. Bring it biotch.
  21. I listened to these people sing...does that count?
  22. GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE :) :) :) <3 <3 <3 [MENTION=9892]Satinka[/MENTION] Love you gorgeous <3
  23. Welcome George Enjoy your stay!