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  1. Hello, Lego Legendo followers! Group draw for the World Championship happened today, so I'm curious about your thought and predictions. Let's do zG version of Pick'Em! Type how do you think teams are gonna rank after the group stage in the post below and let's see, who's the best analyst of League in zG! If you want, you can just copy the text in the tables and it will automatically put it in the table like below. Easy and fancy! Also, there's an official Pick'Em on the lolesports site, I've made Zealot Gaming Pick'Em there as well, theres the LINK to it. I'm not sure whether it's for EUNE only or every server can join, so keep that in mind. These are the groups for you to copy: Group A Group B Group C Group D Counter Logic Gaming I May Edward Gaming Splyce G2 Esports Cloud 9 H2K Royal Never Give Up ROX Tigers Flash Wolves ahq e-Sports Club Samsung Galaxy Albus NoX Luna SK Telecom T1 INTZ TSM And these are my predictions: Group A Group B Group C Group D ROX Tigers SK Telecom T1 Edward Gaming TSM G2 Esports Cloud9 H2K Samsung Galaxy Counter Logic Gaming Flash Wolves ahq e-Sports Club Royal Never Give Up Albus NoX Luna I May INTZ Splyce I'm getting pretty ballsy in some of these cases. Let's go group by group: G2 Esports outmatch CLG heavily in the botlane, if only Perkz shows up they get second pretty easily. Group B is pretty tricky. I'm going for Cloud9 for the second place, I feel like they're pretty strong in standard lanes and I believe coach Reapered to do his thing. Let's see, if Jensen can body those fools. And also Impact is pretty good. Group C - that's an EU pride right there (2 Polacks in H2K, cmon), but outside of EDG, which is clear favourite, Jankos can single-handedly carry H2K through ahq and INTZ (Mountain is a pretty shit jungler). Maybe we will see the final form of Forgiven. And there we go, Group D. Oh boy. If there ever will be a year for NA to go far in the world stage, it's this one. I put TSM as first seed over both 3rd seed Korean and 2nd seed Chinese team. And to spice things up a little bit, I'm going for Samsung Galaxy as second place. Koreans are more consistent on worlds stage and we already saw chinese team crumble in the international tournaments, so I'm going with them. Let me se your awesome predictions!
  2. Hello! Hope you're gonna have wonderful time in our community memeunity.
  3. forum game

    Mean cat, that means just having a cat. Would you rather be a first person to be on Mars with no chance of coming back to Earth, or don't go at all?
  4. Guide

    I have L4D2 btw, sign me up for zombie slaying party!
  5. Sign me up! For a more carry-oriented role in a team. I'm available almost every day, so I can adjust to your schedules.
  7. Is that new incarnation of Voldemort?
  8. Ima try, but my doesn't work :c
  9. . . . . . . . . . . <- You can find it here, BTW! EU.
  10. For the time being I like to play Tracer and Windows movie maker the most!
  11. You monster.
  12. I don't get that meme :C
  13. Let's kick things out with Clash Royale! One of the most popular mobile games from the past few months, it's literally the only mobile game I play right now. Let me get things straight - it's the best multiplayer mobile game ever made. Yes. I said that. [MEDIA=youtube]tmWUhk4VtQw[/MEDIA] So, the game is multiplayer only (wifi highly recommended), takes only 3 minutes per game to play (I play it while sitting on a toilet, waiting for Lego Legends queue, before sleep etc) and it's really strategic and fun. You have a castle with a king in it and two towers on two lanes, if you kill the king you win. Alternatively, if timer runs out, player who destroyed more towers win, there's possibility of draw. You have elixir, which is your currency, it generates automatically at even rate, you spawn units out of your own builded deck and try to destroy enemy towers with them. You have 8 cards in your deck and 4 of them on your hand. Different cards have different elixir costs, they go through the two lanes, fight enemy troops and you win. Or lose. Simple, fun, quick, strategic. Everything you might want from multiplayer mobile game! Now that you know that the game is awesome, let me get to the more controversial stuff. Some people claim it's pay2win. It is and it isn't, let me explain why. The system works as follows - from the first game you have a ranking, if you climb higher, you get to better arenas, which gives more cards, more gold etc. Every time you win a game, you get a locked chest. Unlocking chests take time, you can only unlock one at the time. You have only 4 slots for chests. In chests there are cards - you either unlock new ones, or gather them to upgrade your units to higher level. You can pay money to unlock chests immediately or buy chests, that don't require waiting time. So yes, people who pay money get there units upgraded faster. But! There's really big but. By having better troops, they advance in ranking quickly and find themselves on a rating with other pay2win players. I am 100% free to play player from the start and I'm already at ranking, when I can get every possible card. I don't have any problems with players with really high leveled troops, because I don't even meet them reguarly (it happens, but rarely). And I'm quite high on the rating - if the best arena is Challenger level in League of Legends, I'm probably like near to lower diamond. That's a lot of text! Do you play Clash Royale? If not, you should definitely check this game out. It's free, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, whatever.
  14. Fortnite looks kinda neat, maybe Total War Arena (but I couldn't get into any of the previous Total War titles, too weird for me), but others are kinda meh, there are better alternatives - maybe outside of Blade & Soul, but animu stylistics - huge NAH. I personally prefer to pay for a really awesome game than play average f2p game.
  15. I have my own private journal through Android app called Diaro - you can set up password (something like unlocking your phone), for me it's fingerprint, because I have that awesome Nexus 5X functionality So you don't need to worry about someone reading all your secrets! I just write whatever is on my mind on the moment, events from today/yesterday, feelings, plans, whatever. I wanted to keep it going on every day, but it's really hard for me to make it a habit, even if I know how all this stuff works. I didn't feel any upsides of daily journaling yet, but from what I've researched, it can really help in the long run, helps you collect and arrange your thoughts. Sometimes you can catch yourself realizing, how stupid and pointless some of your worries are, when you try to write them down There's plenty of resources to make it private - if you protect it via password, its as secure as your bank account First I wanted to buy and write a physical journal, but that's too risky for me