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  1. It looks really good.
  2. http://store.steampowered.com/app/48000/ Limbo is free from June 21-22.
  3. Which Fifa Soccer PC game had the 11 v 11 feature?
  4. I usually pick up on sarcasm but I think I've played cs:go too much and I've encountered too many players who think someone is cheating immediately after being killed, so I think I've been conditioned to believe someone when they say someone is hacking/cheating. lol
  5. What do you mean? These are just wallbang spots where you take a chance and shoot at a spot where you think you enemy might be positioned.
  6. You guys might already know about these but some might surprise you. [MEDIA=youtube]lxmugHm_tpE[/MEDIA] [MEDIA=youtube]NWamWiNpCjg[/MEDIA]
  7. I'm now back to Silver Elite and ever since the ranking system was changed, 2 out of 3 games are unplayable due to trolls. I don't believe this has affected my ranking in any way but the games are far less enjoyable since there are always at least 2 trolls so it's impossible to get rid of them. I now play casual most of the time.
  8. On second thought, maybe my advice wasn't good. I hope everything went well.
  9. AHA! I did a quick search and found this site - http://csgosquad.com/ranks This explains why I'm ranking down and being placed in matches with SEMs. Did they change more than the ranks distribution?
  10. Since the latest update, I haven't played too much but I've dropped to GN2. I think that they've either changed their ranking system again or a lot of players have recently moved up from low Nova's to MG1 - MG2. I was on the losing side of 2 close matches where I was ranked first and second and I deranked both times. In my previous 6 matches, the teams I was on won 5 games and tied 1. Something is up but I suspect that I'm back to around where I should be ranked.
  11. Update

    Nice find. I haven't checked it out yet but it looks promising and it's free, which is always good.
  12. What did you guys think about all the commotion that took place in the CS:GO community when the revolver was introduced? I kind of liked the 1 hit kill power but I think I might be the only one.
  13. Racing

    You haven't lived until you participate in a lawn mower derby, tip over an opponent's lawn mower and watch it burst into flames.
  14. If you trust your boyfriend then I don't think you should make it an issue but it's hard to give advice without knowing both of you. Here's my take on this: I understand why you wouldn't like having a stripper at the party, especially since the host seems to be the party animal type. However, if you trust your boyfriend and if you think that he can handle seeing a stripper without going a little nuts then I think that you shouldn't make a big deal about it. Personally, if my girlfriend would forbid me from going to a strip club or doing anything else for that matter, I would have to seriously consider whether I want to continue seeing her. But that's partly because I don't want to be controlled. I've known guys who would not step foot inside a strip club because their girlfriends told them they don't want them going to these places. If your boyfriend is willing to not do something because you're not comfortable with it then you can probably get away with taking a hard stance on this issue. I think it comes down to trust and respect and it goes both ways. There needs to be some compromise and this is easier said than done because some people may have boundaries that they expect their partner not to cross, such as my example of not putting up with my girlfriend forbidding me to go to a strip club. I just think that if I were to allow her to dictate where I can and can't go then if I stay with her, I'd be controlled my entire life. I don't want that. However, I don't want to control her either so I won't question where she wants to go. The way I look at it, if she's going to cheat on me then she's not worth it and I also don't want to spend my time racking my brain wondering what she's doing and being jealous. That's not for me. If it really bothers you then have a long talk to him about it, if you haven't done so already. Maybe instead of forbidding him to go to such parties, you can talk to him about exactly what bothers you about it. Maybe he can keep more distance from his strippers... I don't know. I don't know him but not everyone will accept an ultimatum so if it boils down to him really wanting to go to this party then I think you should accept it.
  15. Hi.

    Hey Ferrius, are you still getting 4ks through the smoke? I'm still playing as well.