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  1. Lol Hi there.
  2. Ah damn it I have the perfect fucking ultima password
  3. Weeelcuuuum
  4. Welcome!
  5. Hellooo and welcome! Solid meme by the way
  6. until
    Ohaaay! We are having a little community gamenight this sunday! Everyone from all regions are invited yaay! These gamenights will be us kind of exploring the depths of random free to play games with you all and hopefully having a blast. We our kicking off this super chill adventure of ours by playing Brawlhalla! You can find it on steam, its like a 20 sec download easy as fuck gg. If you ever played Super Smash you know whats up.
  7. Okay so the new 1080 GPUs by Nvidia comes with this thing called "Ansel" which is basically just lets you take fucking insane screenshots. This is me playing The Witcher 3.. Holy fuck.

    1. Bagaren


      This is really shit ^^  There is no other words for it lol

  9. until

    What a character!
  10. Guide

    You mafakka i came back and saw 200 msgs of Portal Knights
  11. Guide

  12. Or change nationality by becoming a Swedish citizen and start playing on Eune! Simple solution!
  13. Guide

    Huey Okay i thought i could make this thread were everyone can comment and spam about all the games they want people to pick up now that the madness of the Steam summer sale has begun. I want new co op games to play with zG people! Yea sure MOBAs are fun but they are also life draining cesspools in which demons from all seven planes of hell swim in. LEFT 4 DEAD 2 This game is 3.99 Euro right now and its totally worth it. 4 player Co op were you basically fight hordes of Zombies while trying to make your way through the level, briefly resting in safe houses (checkpoints) along the way. While youre at it, pick up Garrys Mod for 2 Euro as well. So yea post all the games you want people to buy here! And yea speaking of life sucking cesspools Im trying to host a gamenight later tonight so if you are playing on EUNE and you are on League around 7 pm CEST feel free to drop in.
  14. here you go :) download the client and copy paste :)