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  1. Welcome mate.
  2. Welcome mate!
  3. Hey mate. I have it. let's play sometime. Hit me up on Discord.
  4. Love that avatar. Mass Effect ftw!
  5. FG the OG.
  6. Hello everyone. If you have emails turned off, or an aggressive spam filter, you likely didn't hear this. Earlier this evening we were informed that an old version of our website database when we were utilizing vBulletin4.x (sometime in 2014 likely) has been listed for sale on various hacker websites. While there is likely nothing we can do legally or otherwise to prevent an eventual sale, if you had your account at that time (this would be 2 website versions ago) you may want to change your password, and change any passwords on accounts that use the same password you use here. I will also be enabling a mandatory password change for all users as soon as possible. We are sorry for this breach, but we have alerted you immediately upon this issue coming to our attention. Sorry this happened everyone. It's old, and we did have a 6-month mandatory password change. Hopefully this helped most of you.
  7. Ohi. Of course it's me nub. The padawan has become the master (except my FPS skills are the same as always - trash). WILL APPROVE.
  8. So you want to be a streamer kid? Well, woop-dee-do! This will teach you how to get started using OBS Studio and Twitch. First, be sure you have signed up with http://www.twitch.tv/ and also download the OBS Studio software at https://obsproject.com/ Once you have done that, it's time to setup your stream connection to Twitch. Open OBS Studio, and click the "Settings" button on the right under the window preview, then go to "Stream". Select the Twitch option from Service, then select the Server closest to your location. Then go to your Twitch Dashboard to get your Stream key. (Dashboard is at https://www.twitch.tv/yourusername/dashboard/ and display your key). Enter your key where it says in the box above. Next, go to https://obsproject.com/help/estimator and follow the steps to get the estimated best settings for your PC and internet connection. Once you have these, go to the "Output" tab and enter the settings, be sure the select Output Mode: Advanced. Now that the hard part is out of the way, you can setup your stream however you like. There is a great guide for OBS Studio here: https://obsproject.com/forum/resources/obs-studio-quickstart-guide.422/ that details what Scenes are, sources, etc. To get the Discord information like I have, including the overlay, you'll need to look at the Discord Streamkit for OBS (https://discordapp.com/streamkit) and follow the instructions for what you want to add! I hope this helps! The settings are the most important part because it determines if your stream is even watchable, the rest is just aesthetics!
  9. Titanfall 2 was finally released, and it gave me what I really wanted in the first game: context. It finally has a playable single player campaign (a bit short for my taste) that finally puts into context what we saw in the first game (who's sorry excuse for an innovative multiplayer-campaign where it could be completely disjointed was impossible to follow). This makes the game easier to relate to and actually understand what it is you're doing, if you're into that (I am) or you can go right into MP and shoot people and call in giant robots with no reason why (looking at you CoD kiddies). Here are the Single-Player and Multiplayer Trailers. If you'd like to join me in this lovely gaming experience, add me on Origin, DrMathZG.
  10. Wanting an NA group who wants to do competitive regularly. You can be a main person, or a filler. Indicate which you want. Please post roles played and your current rank (tier) if applicable. Try to finish your promos before joining. DrMath - Gold Roles: Healer/Support - Mercy Main Willing to Learn: Please nothing else. Current Roster: DrMath - Main - Support BuyMoreBeer - Main - Tank (DPS)
  11. After much searching and deliberating and procrastinating, we have finally found a very sexy monkey to fling poo at our enemies and to grow our Overwatch NA side. Please congratulate the one and only, @Innercitymonkey!
  12. Ahoy Matey.
  13. Welcome!
  14. Today in Discord we did a visual/written art story pairing thing. ENJOY! Drawn by Sand, Story by Math "She wasn’t sure how it would feel, what to expect, or how to react. It had happened so fast, and now here she was, saying goodbye to her old life as the last vestiges of her angelic life disappeared, feathers falling gently through the air before fading away into nothing. She’d heard the rumors of those who had fallen before her, but it wasn’t something proper to be spoken about. Still, amidst her confusion she found an odd peace. A calm filled her, knowing her life was now her own, that her first real choice had been freedom. As the last feather faded away, her halo dissolved into an iridescent mist. She was human." Drawn by StarHybrid, Written by Math "Eons had come and gone, but nothing changed. The workers slaved away while the masters tormented them. The rule of law, if there were such a thing, was simple; power. To obtain it, to brandish it, to dominate with it was the only goal. Without it, you were faceless, a nameless drone in the hive, but he would be different. He had been watching, learning, practicing. He’d seclude himself in the deepest reaches where prying eyes would could not see and hone his meager skills into razor-sharp weapons, but he knew it wasn’t enough. Having power was not enough; he needed to use it. And so, he ventured from the depths of Hell into the mortal world, vowing that soon he would no longer be a faceless drone, that soon all would fear the name Elcior."