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  1. I voted for gear up but i also like moonbase and heroes. actually evenbrawl and some starcraft even though i suck at it. Starcraft mods could be fun.
  2. i will be there
  3. Add me for some games
  4. yeah i heard they had to let go most of their staff. lol doesn't sound good. guess its time for an investor.
  5. MOBA

    yeah your right. Ok so i have played 3 matches and i still dont understand alot. i think the gameplay is fluid and fast. but there are some issues with it. The gameplay sometimes gets confusing depending on what character you play. if you are in the front of the fight you dont know what happening and from where. Maybe mobas need to stay in 3rd person mode. but as soon i have a character that plays from away from the action then its much easier to play and more importantly to react to whats happening on the battlefield. maybe thats why overwatch maps are so small kinda close quarters. they just expanded on what teamfortress did. But whats weird is even though paladins has big maps i dont feel like i am lost.
  6. MOBA

    well only played the tut so far. its seems good. better than paladins in my opinion soo far. although i like the card idea in paladin where you build a deck.
  7. MOBA

    i may try to sign up for paragon. I got into gigantic and paladins though.
  8. Has anyone gotten into the Gigantic or Paladin betas? If so reply here and lets go try these games out. If not here are the links for both maybe you'll get in. paladins gigantic
  9. I haven't played minecraft but this is a great idea.
  10. sweet working well want to ditch ts now
  11. Do we have a zg channel here yet?
  12. NA

    are you going to change this again. don't see people on on game night much. but Wednesday works very well for me.
  13. People really need to at least have something to contribute when we read post too. Dont just post it and leave it. let them know we took time out to read it.
  14. NA

    Sweet game night. The best yet probably. Now i got to go buy zeratul.