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  1. Whats up folks! Its finally that time of the year to party up and get that champion/rune page/name change you have always dreamed of cause guess what?,Riot decided to give us a free ip weekend boost based on how many friends we are going to play with.This event starts on Friday February the 3rd,for more info please visit their webiste here http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/community/promotion/party-ip-weekend-begins-friday-february-3 SO LETS PARTY UP PEOPLE! ITS TIME TO PARTYYYYYYYYYY thanks for reading this post , i will leave you now with the robots
  2. I don't have a list but I have one favorite anime :Kuroko no basket <3 please add it , it's worth it , and thanks!
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  7. you don't have to try hard to win in ranked
  8. yeah but if you try hard and don't win that game that you want you are possibly going to be toxic and break the computer
  9. Hello guys Flabberdingo here So recently i did some research about how to improve on solo Q (or whatever you wanna call it) , i learned alot from these tips and hopefully it will enhance your gameplay as well with all that being said lets get started ! Turn your auto pilot off! am usually on auto pilot on ranked and pretend someone is gonna carry my ass or am just gonna play it normally and some times i pretend it all gonna work out somehow but guess what? it doesn't , we all should stop relying on the team and start being the carry who is going to win the game , even if someone on your team who asks for your main role , if you know you can carry with that role , you should't give it to them. If you try hard and lose,go for a break eat a cake , talk to your friend , take a shower , have sex with your boyfriend , your girlfriend or your hand , go for a walk .just take a freaking break after you get tilted , cause if you lose a game when you are at lets say 80% of your effort and you lose that game , you will become frustrated and it will impact on your other upcoming games. and that's the main reason why you should almost put 50% of your effort into games so you don't rage and tilt....you know hitting that sweet spot , i know it's hard especially on your series , but always remember its just a game. Play your comfort picks you can play meta favored champions (ops) that's fine but am 100% you can carry more on your comfort and most played picks , cause by all means you will know what to do on different situations on that champion and you will be super confident on him/her . For instance my comfort pick is Elise even though some people say she is mechanically a little bit hard to play but i don't give a shit i love her and i play her almost all the time when i get the role jungle . Look at the mini-map every 5 seconds if possible This one is from the lord Faker himself (praise the sun),it can be very hard to master at different situations , but i can guarantee you that you will do better when you look at the mini-map during different situations , lets say for example you spotted the enemy adc alone in the river , you should look at the mini-map and look for where his support is and then decide whether to go all in or not. Analyze your gameplay and improve You can really learn a lot from your mistakes that you do in-games , i know it's kind of sad that league still doesn't have a built-in replay system but still there are many different replay platforms and websites that you can watch your replays on like www.replay.gg or www.op.gg , and last but not least always blame yourself for your own death and never blame your team mates , cause that will cause an argument and you will try to win that argument instead of trying to win the game, even if they were shit talking you and being toxic(which in this case i would suggest /mute) , besides....in lower Elo chat is just a distraction and what i usually do is just /mute all . Watch some pros playing league You don't need to play league all the time to improve , sometimes watching pro-plays on twitch or youtube and how they manage their macro plays at dire situations can also help , if you are looking for a nice friendly stream i would definitely suggest watching valkrin's , he got some decent coaching videos on his youtube channel and he streams league and recently some overwatch too , i find his stream pretty good and educational and if you have questions he answers them on twitch chat. Thank you guys for Reading this ^^ hope you learned something out of it.and always remember : ''Perfect practice makes perfect'' , bye bye and see you on the Rift .
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