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  1. We're playing this a ton right now! The single player was actually great which I wasn't expecting given the thrown-together plots most shooters seem to think qualifies for "story" but Titanfall 2 really outdid themselves after the half-assed attempt in the first game. The multiplayer is great too, you are quite gimped when you start out but after gradual unlocks things really start to get interesting - sadly my favourite titans from the SP (Brute and Expedition) aren't available in PvP (they would be too OP). Anyway I'm playing a lot but on PS4, so if anyone else fancies joining me and my bf (some oldies might remember [zG]s3n713n7) over there for some TF2 just throw my PSN (AetherNyx) a friend request
  2. Thank you! <3 It took around 6 hours to complete ^^
  3. Congrats on graduating Ry, your son is super adorable! Figured it's been a while since I posted anything of myself here so lil update (nothing new for those that have me on FB) Back in spring at Meteora, chillin with the view My face, en route to get my latest tattoo around a month and a half ago. On the ferris wheel with my finished and healed tattoo (around 3 weeks after)! Pretty stoked about how it turned out ^^ Til next time all you sexy people <3 P.S. Sorry for massive pics, new forum doesn't seem to let me make em smaller
  4. Congrats and best of luck! Advice? Well, take it slow, aim for consistency in the long run rather than an overnight renovation and make some you-time. Most common issue I've seen is people burning out after a few weeks or months of excessive activity tbh. Find some people you can depend upon to back you up, it's not a one-man sort of job that's pretty much it, everything else you'll learn on the way! Hope to see you around and watch EUW rise from the ashes (gradually) once more ^^
  5. Looks dead 2 me, I'll admit though I haven't really seen many OCE people around since all that went down
  6. fps

    Me and Chris will be buying it! We preordered already, albeit it will be on PS4 for us, if anyone else gets it there just send me a message and we can play together once it's out hype!
  7. Also I got Destiny, PSN: jwillfiji
  8. Make some albums!!
  9. I lived there for a couple of years and now have lived here for a few years so I suppose I have a unique qualification here lol. Get an oyster card (moderately expensive), they're basically passes for the metro (underground) and bus service and will be your life unless you live really central (which is super expensive). Comparatively to Greece people will seem a bit standoffish, somewhat cold, polite and generally uninterested in life, this is just the norm in the UK in my experience. If you're looking for work your CV is very important, consider relevant extracurricular activities, positions and interests when writing it up, if emailed it should be sent with a well-written cover letter explaining who you are, why you're interested in the job, what you can bring to the team etc. etc. connections are still very important and useful but slightly less so than over here and your resume will matter more. There are plenty of guides on google for what to avoid saying/what to include on your CV to improve hireability. You'll need to get a National Insurance number on arrival to work, so look into that immediately, it can be done online or by the phone I believe or you can go into your local council office and they will give you the forms to fill out. If you're going to a council building consider seeking out a Jobseekers (the official) and other various benefits, you may be entitled to some money to help you get started/keep you afloat before you find work depending on your income/rent costs. South East London is the cheaper and generally "dodgier" area, avoid Lewisham, Peckam, Catford, Brixton and Camden at night if possible, other areas around there should be ok. If you want to smoke or drink you will need some form of ID on you at all times both to enter places (clubs, bars) and to buy (shops, pubs), the Greek Driving Licence will probably not be considered as people won't recognize it, neither will the official ID you use over here, most likely you'll need your passport with you if you want to get those things. There may be another form of ID you can pay for to prove your age that will be accepted these days but I'm not sure. We drive on the other side of the road, practice looking the opposite way . Prepare your clothing for cold weather, while numerically it doesn't drop much lower than most of Greece the cold is very wet whilst in Greece it is dry, you will feel it to your bones and it tends to last from September -> May before it becomes milder. Lots of rain also, get coats with hoods! A "hot" day in England will be 28C, you will feel it and sweat even though you are used to much higher again because of the moisture, so you'll still need a fan in summer though it won't be used so frequently, most houses don't come with Air Conditioning. If you struggle to find work even with Jobseekers helping try inquiring as to additional training/qualifications they can support you with and/or file with an employment agency, they will typically find you more manual work though i.e. delivery, manufacturing, construction, warehouse work. If you are not picky you should be able to find some form of work. If you're going for studying it's different (I seem to remember you mentioned studying there way back when we spoke?) and the first thing you'll probably notice is students in the UK tend to take the experience as a big opportunity to party/socialize more than study, socialize but don't forget the purpose of being there. You'll find various clubs at universities and also local facebook groups for all sorts of things from gamers to other expat Greeks (I know a guy that also moved to London recently that's a good guy and might be able to advise you, let me know if you want some contact details for him). Uhh what else, things are efficient, trains, buses, bureaucracy etc. are all on time and working well which is a huge and pleasant change from here. You'll want to set up a bank account in the UK because it will be much easier than trying to use something like Alphabank or Eurobank over there, I advise either HSBC or Lloyds TSB, for getting paid and paying bills out this will be so much simpler. Don't drive in London, just don't. If you're housesharing try to meet the people you'll live with in advance as they can easily be weirdos, I have many horror stories.. If you can avoid a houseshare for an extra 100 quid (pounds) then DO ABSOLUTELY DO OH JESUS. Hmm what else, drink cider because it's amazing, as is apple sours and other such fruity spirits that don't exist much here, eat pies and cornish pasties, potato waffles, basically try everything and anything on as this shows the most symbolic British foots to eat which you can't get here. OH and go to GREGGS if you see it, super cheap pastries and stuff, yumyums (sugary deliciousness), steak pies and chicken pies are all to die for. Last thing Christmas is a HUGE DEAL in the UK and Easter is literally a chocolate egg and some bunnies/chick adverts if you're lucky, they're kinda swapped in importance. I'm rambling, this is just becoming a list of the things I miss from home I guess lol. If you need to know anything specific, have any questions or whatever just hit me up
  10. If so what do you blog about? Feel free to plug yourself. Has anyone that has run a blog found it to be detrimental in any way? Like if someone mentioned found it? I just recently started one to talk about whatever I feel like venting without the risk of being annoying or repetitive, from game hype to relationship stuff to past trauma to expat life and sights to see to health and on and on. Making it private feels like it makes blogging obsolete yet I'm kinda anxious that imma fuck up at some point and people I know gonna find it, in which the best case scenario is an awkward af pity party. At the same time though I don't wanna just delete it, it's kinda therapeutic letting both the worst dark stuff and most cringey-sugary stuff spill over there so I don't have to physically put any of that on someone I know nor bottle it up. Was this a cheap bring-em-in-with-a-question then barter for some good ole fashioned thoughts? Yes, yes it was, I have no shame.
  11. I think a lot of people who once held leadership positions (and some still do) for a long time here basically consider themselves "retired" by now, I can't say there are many people around at the moment with a wealth of motivation - maybe one or two that try to keep the ball rolling forward, which is commendable. If I'm honest what I look for in zG has changed a lot over the years, by now it's just a place to come by every few days, read anything interesting, maybe share something interesting if I've found something worth talking about, perhaps see if anyone's playing the games I am. I actually kinda like how the place is now, but maybe that's a comfort-zone talking, it's a bunch of good quality people who are chill and can have a bit of banter here and there but not a huge time-sink with high demands and requirements. For the young newcomers looking to go to gamenights with 20+ people, join a pro team and go MLG maybe it's not quite what they're looking for but tbh I think that is a long path that nobody has ever been happy with, gamenights -> drama, teams -> drama and disband/inactivity. For now I'm happy to kick back and watch more or less, should something interesting arise regarding ideas or the future of zG I'm happy to pop by with some advice (desired or no!) P.S. Happy 5 years zG!
  12. Kallari is gud but glass cannon, useless once you use her throwing knife and ulti actually loving Gadget atm which I didn't expect, not crazy on her design but so OP you can solo a lane vs 3 and be alright. If anyone feels like playing I'm either AetherNyx or Myrsari on there (one my PSN the other Epic acc, dunno which it uses) tho will be on PS4 so can't type or anything like that
  13. New trailer since then [MEDIA=youtube]E4TbV0CGWJM[/MEDIA] Also discovered it has crossplay! So PS4 players like myself can still play with PC players
  14. Paragon is a third-person MOBA with early access starting next week, which you can get into by buying a Founders Pack, I think they come at $20, me and Chris will be buying it as soon as we can :3. If you don't want to pay the full release is coming later in the year just after summer and will be freeee. It'll be released for PC and PS4, we'll be playing on the PS4 to get the most out of the graphics. Yadayada you don't want to hear me talk about it here take a look! Trailer: [MEDIA=youtube]Mly3hBQvHtI[/MEDIA] Gameplay Trailer: [MEDIA=youtube]vlVbYrDkRZA[/MEDIA] for more
  15. Bringing back the activity... by purging members? I've been over this before but I really don't think this is a great idea, let inactives be inactive and return when they want, even if it just gives the illusion of being bigger, they aren't doing any harm and people are less likely to want to return if they come back one day and find their account has been deleted after an absence. Good luck to all the staff anyway ;3