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  1. SynZ0r_DZN
  2. hey guys, im back. i got some new games. a new PC, and once i figure out how to fix the OS on the PC i will be on to play some Counter Strike, Minecraft, Call of Duty Black ops 2, Call of Duty World At War, Call of Duty Modern warfare 2, garrys mod, and i think thats it. but yeh. i will be on more. sorry to have been gone soo long, ive been obsessed with marvel and DC shows on netflix.
  3. Simulator

    alright well if im not busy i will join i love that game.
  4. lmfao. this is still an active watched thread. thats funny.
  5. Simulator

    my smite crew used to play ToS as a gamenight when we got bored of smite. so i agree. lmfao. its a great game to play. when you make a theme like everyone make your name after a fruit or something. make it something vulger. once you get the game going like that it gets good fast. lmfao
  6. Simulator

    Awesome. We can start anytime then. With more people we can have more fun
  7. I wanna get a town of salem group together. nothing really big just to go on and play Town of Salem during the weekend. HMU if you would be interested in playing Town of Salem.
  8. MOBA

    I would love to but my computer isn't good enough for competitive play. but I am good enough for casual play if you want to play add Wicked8Ball and I will accept when I download it again
  9. What is up guys its ya boi SynZ0r here abd I've been talking with someone since like halfway through febuary and have just been touching base recently but I wanna get this rolling. so as of now I want to pick up the work that walker left us. so if anyone has HD clips to send you can PM me your emails and I will get them sent into a dropbox so you can dispence your clips and I can throw together some montages for Zealot Gaming once more and we can get some good promotional vids out. lemme know what you think. if you want it to happen drop a comment if you don't hey drop a comment too. but just lemme know what you think. also if you wanna do it remember to PM me your email. ways you can contact me about this if you have any questions or concerns. zG PM's Twitter: [uSER=10355]@SynZ0r[/uSER] Kik Messenger: SynZ0r Email: If you can't get clips into a dropbox you can send them to: this is going to be fun. I hope we can get some good clips. PS: if you don't know how to record you can ask me. if you can't record but want to talk to me I have some ways you can. good ways too.
  10. :0 that is alot of decks.
  11. idk who you are but i like you already. 1. i like the way you talk. lol 2. we needa play magic the gathering sometime. theres a client on the PC where u can build decks and battle em. get it. its called cocatrice. or somethin like that. 3. haia. lol.
  12. welcome sir Ninge. lmfao.
  13. welcome sebastian, ew are glad to have you. if you need anything lemme know.
  14. Welcome Flavius. we are glad to have you aboard.
  15. This is my 200th Post/Comment on a post and i wanted it to be about that. i have no reason to post so since im on this post ima ask "is this a good game?" cause i heard it was gonna be on PS4 soon or it is already. idk