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    (Portal Knights)
  2. Try tis
  3. Duuuuude, Ricoooo, welcome to zG! Do not falter now, my fun-seeking boi, for we are new and fun people, just as you say! So prepare to get your friends replaced. Thanks for existing right back at you. MFG L.A. Cake
  4. Sad to see you go man! May one ask for a reason?
  5. Ahhh fuck yeee Glad to see a fellow Scotsman in this community! Welcome and enjoy ya facking stay.
  6. Was ist gut, meine Companeros? Here's me, announcing the second annual Overwatch gamenight. We'll group up and have some chill. Probably just gonna play normal games in two groups because getting +0 Experience on that custom game endscreen just hurts, as we saw during the last gamenight. But if we feel like doing custom games, we can do that too. Another idea would be to queue with a full group, then have one player after another join the game, waiting until a spot becomes free, until the enemy team is full with our members as well. That way we can lovingly kill each other without missing out on that sweet EXP. Would take some time and patience though. Anyhow, here is the specifics: Tis saturday, the 11th of June. The time is 6pm GMT. And to avoid any confusion (mostly on my part because I'm fucking retarded), we're going according to this clock:
  7. mfw best healer EUNA but still no job
  8. Ladies and Gentleman, what is good? Today I come to you to propose the formation of a competitive Overwatch team. The idea is to git gud, do some serious practice, play in tournaments and ranked when it hits the board. So what do we need? 6 main players - active and ambitious to git gud. 2-3 fills - for when one or more of the main players is in hospital because they broke their knee. A coach - quite possibly the most important role, does theorycrafting and comes up with advanced strategies, most importantly the coach spectates our games and gives us feedback how and where we can improve. The role could also be taken by a fill. I plan to hold practice 1-2 times (maybe more later if the team is up for it) in the evening during weekdays. Gameday on the weekend. I'd like to keep the actual time and days dynamic, align it with everyone's schedule to have maximum attendance but we'll have to see how that works out. Last but not least, even though it might sound strange coming from a cunt like me, I do expect a minimum amount of discipline from anyone who wants to join. Soundwhoring ingame and quick calls on Discord are important in this game and won't work if there's chaos, shouting and shittalk in the channel. That said, anyone is welcome to join and at least try it out, regardless of skill level, as long as you're willing to commit and improve. So yeah, post here or message me on Discord if you're interested. Any feedback and personal attacks directed at me are also welcome. With love, Jack the Bowman.
  9. I'm Cake thx for freeing me and welcome to zG.
  10. Bagaren best custom game creator. We'll do couple normals, then see what everyone feels like. Though in regard to game settings, I think I prefer reduced cooldowns over increased cooldowns hehe
  11. jk Happy Buttface
  12. Pffff and this took you a week? I'm so disappointed I won't even post memes.
  13. stfu and introduce yourself
  14. What's gud, my fellow retards? (<- suggested by [uSER=7393]@DinaMit[/uSER]) Have you noticed? Have you noticed how we, the Overwatch players, are quickly becoming way cooler than the idiots from LoL EUNE? I sure did and as everyone's Division Leader of hearts, I think it's high noon to take the next step in destroying our LoL EUNE department - we're having gamenights now. The idea is to get some 6v6 internal custom games going and engange in a super CHILL gamenight. So when and where is it going down? This saturday, the 4th of June, at 7pm GMT. We'll most likely be playing on EU servers, since a majority of our playerbase is there. P.S.: For those of you maining League, you're very welcome to join us and play a good game for once.
  15. EUW

    Not sure if you deserve a friendlist after switching to EUW.