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  1. Oh? We switched back to IPB? Any reason why?

  2. Exidium Corp is a new Company currently developing a new MMORPG similar to EVE Online called The Last Frontier. It's currently in Alpha and Enrolling for a Alpha Key takes about 2 weeks (exactly two weeks just got mine). Looking for some nigs to play with, I'm not big in the whole Space game thing, but figured I'd start. - to register and after you recieve your email register your account at - which is where you'll log in, see your account settings, interact with the community and much more. If you do end up registering make sure you refer me so I can create the Alliance right away.
  3. Well this is how it is right now. From what I can tell unless they cut off displaying the EU servers entirely. In a sense only NA can see NA .-. Region Blocking or some shit idk. I just have a bunch of EU guys on my server, but according the the Forums my server is NA.
  4. NA / EU doesn't matter really. Daum EU is in EU. The English Server is just 3 with multiple channels. I'm on Uno.
  5. 50 is the Tryhard Package which I bought, you can buy it for 30. I'm more than willing to buy it for you if you can't afford it. Just bought it for my buddy [uSER=424]@maz00[/uSER] Maybe because the game is too complex for you
  6. Title says it all, my old guild disbanded and my nigz from zg gotta be there for a Niu in times like this. I'm playing everyday (sort of) on Uno. Trying to level alts, but soloing in this game is a chore. I'd rather use my fellow zG members for my benefit in regards to party xp bonus. After I help my mates help me, I'll help them and then we can just go kill everyone lvl 45+ that we see on sight.
  7. Idk it didn't make it in Korea so I don't really have high expectations for it. Looks like another shitty MMO like Echo of Souls.
  8. I remember you, you're that one person.
  9. They didn't give me my incentives as an Alpha Tester who reported numerous bugs and things wrong with the game, so I have no interest in supporting them any further by playing their game.
  10. HTML, CSS are only Markup. JS,C, C#, etc are programming..C, C#, C++, Java, Python, Go, etc.. being compiled languages. I know enough PHP to get by, but I'm learning Google's GO programming language since it out performs PHP by a massive scale. My buddy and I are rewriting a PHP application built with the Code Igniter framework into Go. We're gonna integrate it with ReactJS because the chat that's associated with the PHP App was built with ReactJS and instead of MySQL we're using Postgres and Redis. After that we're gonna build a personalized Twitch Chat Bot in Go for a buddy, and create GUI for desktop (windows for now). Basically going to utilize several API's (Riot for Ranks, Youtube for playlists, Twitch for Chat moderation, etc.) I'm more of a Front-End web developer than I am Backend but because my buddy and I are more front-end we're learning Back-End together. Our first project ( to learn Google's Go) being a pseudo-reddit with much much more going on.
  11. Oh Syn, I didn't know you were in IT? What languages do you know? Recently, I've been having a go at Go.
  12. But when you think about it in terms of marketing, it's a great strategy because now everyone can't stop thinking about "That mountain dew commercial".