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  1. until
    Misc. Gamenight is an event where we play all kinds of games together with different games everytime but with always with a backup game This time the game is Town of Salem with Starcraft II as a back up. Check out the calendar weekly to see whats up next.
  2. Another gamenight this time its gonna be a mix of HeartStone and SC II.We will see how the night goes and maybe switch to SC II. Hopefully more people will show interest because we plan on a little friendly turnament. The Gamenight will start at 7pm CET, I will post updates on Friday so you know exacly when the Gamenight starts. It ends when we get bored XD.
  3. This will be the first Misc. game night hopefully just a start. We will be playing SCII the f2p edition having some fun in the arcade and maybe some ffas. I think that 2 days is enought for all of the interested partys to download the game and give it a try.
  4. Im new here but I hope to stay and get along with everyone so heres my volontary IRL pic..