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  1. logitech g303 this mouse forces a claw grip which took a while to get used to but the spring-loaded switches have a nice feel, the sensor is the best ive used so far after having several razer mice last less than a year and a half due to reduced build quality [yet higher price] (lachesises, taipans), i switched back to logitech last year on a maxtill g2-pad (tempered glass) shipped from korea
  2. i left zg shortly after lolna died imo, something like 2011/2012 as a result of my effort, @DrMath was introduced to the great goatse Feel free to introduce yourself and make yourself known to the Zealot Gaming community. Some information you could include in your introduction are: Name steve Age 27 6' 165lbs, black hair, brown eyes, average build, 26" flaccid female to male transgender degree in IT, working in graphic design :^) moving to San Diego in january Games you enjoy playing lol, ow, bf series, other random shit Hobbies (Outside of gaming) music, snowboarding, 420blazeit Previous gaming communities n/a Why you joined Zealot Gaming dank gamenights What you expect to get out of your time here dank gamenights i stream infrequently at twitch.tv/dirtydeaz Please note that these are merely suggestions and you are not required to follow any sort of structure or format. Expand on your introduction as much as you would like. The more people know about you, the better!
  3. twitch.tv/dirtydeaz
  4. did this dead?
  5. make america great again
  6. dirty deaz - master filler Roles: pharah/tracer/fill Willing to Learn: not genji not junkrat #POMDM