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  1. @Program Dudeeeeeeeeeeee, where have you been ? Add me in-game. IGN: Weaver of Fate
  2. Welcome bruh. I'm from EUNE, but moved to EUW when the split happen, cause we all knoww deep inside: EUW > EUNE, right ?
  3. In search of greatness ! On the road to success.

  4. Much appreciated <3
  5. While these might be tough times for zG and unlike what they were when i was in a similar position, being a Division Officer (the equivalent of today's Game Officer) was the most fun i've had in my almost 5 year experience in this community. Yes, there is work to do, A LOT of it, but there's also a lot of fun involved. You get to meet a whole bunch of people, game together, have lots of laughs and so on. You also get the inner satisfaction of helping a division (certain game) grow within zG and that only means more people, more games, more game nights / tournaments. Zealot Gaming wants YOU !
  6. Hey hey, mister. Where does that leave me ?
  7. CU in-game and may the Force be with you !
  8. Welcome mate. I've added you in LoL. CU around !
  9. Good to have you back, bruh
  10. I've rarely seen you online tho
  11. fps

    I'll surely buy it, right after Battlefield 1. Why ? Cause i enjoyed Titanfall 1 A LOT. I'm not buying it for the SP campaign
  12. You think you do, but you don't !

  13. until

    Def gonna be there
  14. I wish people would do what i tell em to do. FeelsBadMan Welcome