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  1. Welcome! You can join Discord by clicking on the Join Server button on the Discord widget found on the forum home page ^^ after that we can set you up with a shiny 'official' Registered tag on there. Thanks for joining and reaching out c:
  2. do you prefer people to refer to you as he or she when talking about you?
  3. Welcome! Which pronouns do you prefer?
  4. What up
  5. Hello!
  6. Didn't know you left Things are looking good for ow na but league is still lacking.
  7. Wat
  8. I'm back =O

    1. maz00


      welcome back m'lady

  9. Not sure. I have yet to hear from @ILoveFanta
  10. welcum zg
  11. Most folks use discord
  12. I don't know you but hi
  13. I'm a fan of soldier players ;D welcome
  14. Hey everyone! I'd like to announce our newest addition to our Discord server: Dyno bot! I've set up this little guy to allow our members to join or leave different roles from a set list. Now that we have grown at least a couple of inches taller (or centimeters for our metric enthusiasts), we should probably stop over-using the @everyone tag in the server, don't you think? That being said, the new ranks will allow our members to opt-in to specific announcements put out by staff, and we'd like to encourage those who have chosen to mute @everyone tags on our server to reenable it, so that we can get more important messages to you! We will also leave it up to our members to assign their own region as well. To add and delete yourself to and from a rank, you simply need to type !rank [rank name]. Please do this in the spam chat! Also.. Dyno has music capabilities! Woo hoo! This means that I won't have to remember to put up the music bot I've been hosting during off times for a majority of our member base-BUT-it performs similarly to bots we've tested in the past in that it can get choppy every once in a while. The command list for the music part is simple, but it is an added perk, so please have fun with it. Full set of commands can be found here: List of ranks (Very subject to change, use !ranks command on discord to pull up an updated list) to start us off: Europe North America Oceania Overwatch League of Legends Co-op (for misc. games) Minna-chan (for Otaku Club)