Roles & Stuff

Roles & Stuff

Our staff is kingdom themed, because why not? It might change, it might not, who knows! basically, we’ve got admins who manage and moderators who execute. Simple enough right?


Kings are the rulers of the roost, the head honchos, the big bosses, the server admins! They pretty much make sure everything is running smoothly.


The Princes are right under the Kings! They help them do stuff, help manage the lords and ladies, and host events and stuff!

Lords of Games

Lords of Games run events, host gamenights, and help maintain community activity. Very noble.

Lords of Recruits

Lords of Recruits are responsible for growing our ranks and expanding the kingdom. Posting threads, looking in-game, whatever it takes! (No spamerino, no stealerino).

Lords of Media

Lords of Media maintain our media presence from social to otherwise, and soon, our subreddit, if that ever happens.

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